The CEO of Axa France slammed “shameful blackmail” after Le Maire’s words


The economy minister has called for a freeze on insurance premiums for the hotel and catering sector, failing which the government will support a Senate amendment that calls for extraordinary contributions from insurance companies.

The CEO of insurance company Axa France slammed “shameful blackmail” after Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire this week asked the sector to freeze insurance premiums for hoteliers and restaurant owners because of a new tax sickness.

“It’s a shame to have to endure such blackmail”, rebel Jacques de Peretti, CEO of Axa France, in an interview with Le Parisien, published late Saturday on the newspaper’s website.

“I spoke by phone last Monday to all of my European colleagues and such extortion has never been carried out in any country, while the situation regarding insurance and restaurant owners is the same,” the leader continued. .

It is estimated that it will cost 1.2 billion euros in insurance

Bruno Le Maire on Tuesday called for a freeze on insurance premiums for the hotel and catering sector, failing the government will support an amendment to the Senate asking for extraordinary contributions from insurance companies.

Amendments filed in the last few days in the Senate aim to introduce an extraordinary contribution of 2% to the premium paid for damage insurance contracts. This would represent, according to the French Insurance Federation, a cost of 1.2 billion euros for the sector.

“This tax will be the worst thing for recovery because we cannot carry such a burden alone, and we have to defer it on the contributions of our insured, who are already heavily taxed themselves,” Jacques warned Peretti.

More open to premium freezing

Regarding the premium freeze for professionals in the hotel and catering industry, “this is an avenue that we are closely monitoring. (…) We all have an interest in finding solutions and we all emerge victorious from this conflict”, continued Jacques de Peretti, emphasizes the “openness” of the company.

Since last March, the insurance sector has deployed various measures to support the economy, ranging from a contribution of 400 million euros to public funds to support SMEs to other investment programs. one billion euros, through various initiatives taken individually by the company.

In total, these individual and collective actions represent a commitment of 3.8 billion euros.

But insurance companies have been accused from the start of the health crisis of not doing enough and dozens of disputes between restaurants and insurers over coverage of operating losses, which are rarely covered, have been brought to justice.


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