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After Arnold Schwarzenegger's arrival in violent and bloody production from NetherRealm Studios or T-800 in the multiplayer mode of Gears 5, Terminator saga continued to promote the release of Terminator: Dark Fate to theaters recently by attacking another PC and our console. This time, with Terminator: Our resistance is faced with all projects dedicated to this iconic story. What is the value of this new video game adaptation? Answer in a few lines.

Terminator: Resistance – An Explosive Leak

In the story of Terminator: Unpublished Resistance, we portray Jacob Rivers, a member of the Pacific Division Resistance who was saved extreme from an attack programmed by Skynet's artificial intelligence through a mysterious stranger who offered many tips. The latter brings our hero to a group of civilians who try to survive as best they can. Jacob Rivers will be friends with Erin, a doctor who is confident and skilled, Colin, a tough man, Ryan, a man with hands in his heart or Jennifer and Patrick. Jacob Rivers then had to travel through these destroyed lands to help them and fulfill their main mission: that found Resistance.

"I will be back!"

Terminator: Resistance - An honest adaptation, but far from transcendent

In this all-new adventure, plunging players into post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, Jacob Rivers faces many different situations. After a short section asking us to secure a building to protect all survivors, the title quickly turned to Western RPGs to integrate the genre and offer a unique experience that did not hesitate to change the fun. Terminator: Resistance offers many multi-choice discussions with members of our new community, a talent tree that can be improved during the game, mini-games directly put into the action and exploration phase or semi-open level. The latter, repeatedly remembering Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 with their artistic direction or even their construction, offers players to search for sites to take various resources to make ammunition, hair clips to pick up keys or even craft bombs. During the first visit, the magic operates and can even be surprising, but after a few hours of playing, the player will realize the futility of exploration. The rain resources in this destroyed world and our heroes will never lack ammunition during clashes.

Terminator: Resistance - An honest adaptation, but far from transcendent

These semi-open places not only have the advantage of exploring, but also make it possible to take part in a side effort to extend life, to serve our friends by picking up unique items or invading Skynet posts. For this rare sequence, it is up to our hero to choose the approach: infiltration or direct confrontation. Players who want to go faster can of course choose to focus only on the main quest, but that won't come to complain after the project lives too short. Indeed, if you plan to finish the game at 100%, or even win all successes or trophies, Terminator: Resistance will not require you more than 8 hours of play. All our lives that we consider to be too weak, especially because of this aspect of RPG that is highly emphasized. Once at the end of Teyon's production, players will no doubt remain hungry.

"Hasta la Vista, Baby!"

Terminator: Resistance - An honest adaptation, but far from transcendent

Luckily, the order of the games is quite different throughout the main campaigns. Although some missions will be very classic and will offer written clashes, others will encourage Jacob Rivers to hide in the shadows and set traps for enemies installing explosives or hijacking automatic defense towers. In some of the proposed missions, we have never felt repetition and we want to continue the adventure and explore these hostile places.

Terminator: Resistance - An honest adaptation, but far from transcendent

But FPS is nothing without effective gameplay. Unfortunately, on this side Terminator: Resistance is almost inconclusive. The crossfire really didn't have a punch. Weapons have no retreat and the enemy is content to advance towards us like a machine instead of passing us to further surprise us, whatever difficulty is chosen. In addition, regular customers of this genre can also complain about the lack of challenges. Even when we face a T-47 as high as several tens of meters, there is no feeling of fear and worry. To destroy this giant bestiary, players will be satisfied using environmental obstacles to block enemies in their actions. Let's add the gameplay at once to the controller with the help of aiming to blush Red Dead Redemption II or almost. Then it will be enough to slightly point your weapon's reticle towards the enemy and press the "to aim" button to pinpoint the latter. The main problem especially when talking about FPS. Of course, there are no options available for players to reduce or remove this help.

Mini-games to speed up our adventure:

As we said a few lines above, Terminator: Resistance, as production Bethesda Softworks offers mini-game players to open secret alleys full of surprises or to improve weapons. Some are effective such as piracy taken directly from the iconic Frogger story, but others fail. Hooking, which was imported directly from Fallout 4, unfortunately lacks precision.

Terminator: Resistance - An honest adaptation, but far from transcendentTerminator: Resistance - An honest adaptation, but far from transcendent

Terminator: Resistance – We hide in the shadows of the T-800

"You're Stopped!"

On the technical side, Terminator: Resistance keeps the minimum union. Even if the environment will never flatter the retina because of its beauty, the title still manages to offer us decorations that are fun to explore and quite change along and with adventure, and this, despite several trips back and forth. For example, adventure takes the player several times in one place, but the latter develops enough to not be frustrating or repetitive by opening a new area or by exchanging the atmosphere of the night with the atmosphere of the day. We regret, however, some unfavorable slowdowns when players reach checkpoints or take certain actions.

Terminator: Resistance - An honest adaptation, but far from transcendentTerminator: Resistance - An honest adaptation, but far from transcendent

During this short adventure, Fans of the cinematic saga inaugurated by James Cameron will be happy to explore iconic places starting with the long and dark Resistance corridor or hearing about important people. Of course, many figures of speech will be offered to Sarah Connor and the first Terminator who played brilliantly by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that's not all. Indeed, Kyle Reese, Justin Perry or John Connor will also be entitled to some of their references. Unfortunately, this reference will not succeed in removing the lack of rare cinematic rhythm or for involving us more in choices during dialogue. Even if the character is far from unpleasant or poorly written, it is difficult to be attracted to him because interaction with them is still very limited.


+Positive points

  • Various situations
  • Many references to the iconic saga
  • Semi-open space encourages players to explore
  • Effective genre mix

Negative points

  • Staging without rhythm
  • Action without panic
  • A little too short
  • Little challenge
  • Illusion craft aspects

Apart from many of these shortcomings, Terminator: Resistance is an honest adaptation that will please post-apocalyptic universe lovers or just film saga fans thanks to the variety of the game or its RPG performances that are welcomed. However, we will prefer! More sensations in confrontation, more challenges, choices that have more impact on the fate of our community and especially a longer life span. At the price offered at the time of release, it is difficult to suggest this production, but on occasion or during promotion, the title will be able to occupy you effectively on a rainy weekend.

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