Friday , December 4 2020

teacher Keith Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison

American teacher Keith Raniere was sentenced Tuesday by a federal judge in Brooklyn to 120 years in prison, equivalent to life, for crimes linked to the sect, Nxivm, which allowed him to maintain a network of sex slaves.

This is the end of this 60 year old man’s journey, with the power of persuasion outside the communityn, is still respected by dozens of people, despite revelations about him.

In June 2019, after a six-week trial in Brooklyn federal court, he was found guilty of seven counts against him – including sexual exploitation a 15 year old girl, extortion and criminal associations.

Keith Raniere had founded, in 1998, an organization based in Albany, New York, called Nxivm (pronounced nexium), which provided personal development training at exorbitant prices.

From the start, this charismatic figure has maintained a circle of 15 to 20 women under the influence, with whom he has sex at will. One of them was only 15 years old.

“No empathy”

In a letter prior to his sentencing, Keith Raniere pleaded not guilty and said he was “proud of his life’s work”. He refused to express regret and admitted he “never intentionally hurt anyone”. He claimed that all sexual relations with sect members were consensual.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors have asked for life in prison, saying that despite the seriousness of the facts, he “did not (show) no empathy for its victims “, and” will continue to commit crimes if released “.

Keith Raniere’s defense suggested a 15 year prison sentence. In 2015, Keith Raniere has created a second parallel pyramidal organization, called DOS, which includes “slaves” and “masters”.

The “slaves”, all women, were primarily required to have sex at the discretion of “Grandmaster”, another nickname for him. Some had to undergo “tagging”, which consisted of tracing the skin of the letters, often Keith Raniere’s initials, using a pen, which burned the flesh.

Five of the defendants Keith Raniere, one after another, pleaded guilty and avoided trial.

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