Séréna trial – heard Rosa, mother of the child: "For me it's not a baby, that's something"


"Everything I say is not true! "Rosa Da Cruz, Serena's mother, was heard this Wednesday, November 14, 2018 before assizes Corrèze in Tulle.

This is the third day of this trial. Since Monday, justice has tried to identify the personality of this mother who had hidden her daughter during the first two years of her life in the trunk of a car and in a remote room at her home in the village of La Rivière de Mansac.

"Everything I say is not true! "And here is Rosa Da Cruz who admitted that during her detention in October 2013, she wanted to give a picture of a good mother by claiming to have given her a bottle from birth."You said & # 39; I went down regularly to see if everything was okay & # 39; how could you talk about something else today? " ask the president.

I lied. I put Serena on the bed and I don't care.

Earlier in the afternoon, the president had questioned Sérena's mother about her intentions.
"You say you wish it was found, but you have been worried 24 hours a day to hide it, put a blanket on the car, pretend to feed the cat to take care of it.
Rosa Da Cruz answered : "I left the car glass open, hoping someone would hear it." But Séréna did not cry, no one could hear and when visiting the garage at Terrasson, he would try to avoid all the costs of opening the trunk of the car. Rosa Da Cruz faces her contradiction.

That afternoon continued with a surprise statement by the defendant:

Serena, I never cared, I never hugged her, I never hugged her, I fed her but not every day.

But Rosa Da Cruz was interviewed by researchers eight times. He told me about the birth of the baby he gave the bottle. For the President, "This vocabulary contradicts the idea of ​​rejecting pregnancy, we have more impressions about child simulation".
The defendant's response did not come long:

I want to be a good mother so I won't take my 3 children. Everything I said during the interrogation was wrong. For me, Serena is something that doesn't exist.

Then he broke down crying.

When did Rosa Da Cruz lie? Faced with investigators or today facing the Assize Court where he continues:

I never gave him a name, I said "Séréna" when the policeman asked me his name

Interrogation of Serena's mother was interrupted during an expert hearing via video conference.
And that is Maître Faure-Roche, one of the lawyers, who continues to speak with the defendant: "You call her Serena, because that means calm, do you think when the mechanic opens the trunk, is she calm?". Mother's response: "I found him calm, he didn't make a sound, he didn't manifest".

Rosa Da Cruz explained that she had started seeing a psychiatrist, but she still had it "It's hard to accept Serena". The doctor will advise him to write small words to read to his daughter.


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