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Rachida Dati is targeted by search

The office and home of the seventh arrondissement mayor of Paris Rachida Dati was searched in the context of investigating a consulting contract with a Renault-Nissan subsidiary, AFP learned Wednesday. Sources close to the file, confirming information from Express .

The search was held Tuesday at his home in Paris and in the mayor's office, at the initiative of investigating judges who have resumed this summer the investigation began on May 31 by the national prosecutor's office in this branch of the Carlos Ghosn Case, according to this source.

Survey, opened for "misuse of social assets"And"corruption"Regarding the consulting service concluded by Rachida Dati and criminologist Alain Bauer with the Dutch subsidiary of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, RNBV, when Carlos Ghosn was still the CEO of the car group. That was triggered by complaints filed on April 17 by Renault shareholders against these three men and Carlos Ghosn's wife.

Counsel for the complainant, Jean-Paul Baduel, has stated thatsuspicionOn "reckless use of Renault fundsBy the former CEO. "Contracts are doubtful in their numbers, made in favor of subsidiaries without employeesHe assured AFP.

He will receive 900,000 euros in fees

According to a source familiar with the matter, the former Minister of Justice – who denies any irregularities – will receive 900,000 euros as a lawyer between 2010 and 2012. Alain Bauer will receive one million euros between 2012 and 2016 for consulting activities which he also maintains.

when Express has announced in mid-October that the investigating judge has continued the investigation, lawyers from Rachida Dati, Mes Olivier Pardo and Hervé Lehman, denounced in a statement "scandalous amalgam"And"destabilization efforts"."A few days before the decision"About the nomination of LR candidates to the City of Paris, sought by Rachida Dati,"intention to hurt is very clearHis lawyer pointed.

The names of Rachida Dati and Alain Bauer were quoted in the Mazars company audit, carried out at the request of Renault and Nissan to examine the disputed costs of the RNBV, which were the subject of another judicial investigation from the Nanterre floor.

A 50-50 subsidiary between Renault and Nissan, RNBV is a structure created by Carlos Ghosn to realize an alliance of the two manufacturers at the operational level. Investigators suspect this structure has hidden argument costs, especially for Carlos Ghosn's personal interests, currently awaiting trial in Japan for alleged wrongdoing.

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