Thursday , October 21 2021

Property taxes, taxes at source, everything changes


Property tax will fall for 278,298 tax households in Gard30% decline by the government, lower in 48 of 353 Gardening communes which increased their rates. You can see details on an interactive map placed online by the Ministry of Public Finance. And for all household taxes in Gard, there are 425,000 in the department, that is part of the tax deduction in January.

This deduction tax real cultural changeIt is important to think of preventing taxes from every important change: birth, marriage, retirement, dismissal … they will adjust the rate of reduction in two months.

Tax credits, such as union fees or charitable donations, calculated in January in this new tax deduction system, will be regulated at the end of the year

Property tax is deleted for 80% of tax households within 3 years, tax deductions that will be more and more online, what is the future for tax officials? The ministry announced the removal of around 2,000 jobs in France in 2019. Reorganization is reflection, ads can be made in 2019 for the Gard department.

In the case of difficulties, several solutions: online with tax websites, on sites in the tax office where you depend, or from home with a telephone on 0811 368 368, currently taxed at 6 cents per minute, this amount will be free from January 1.

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