Saturday , May 8 2021

Omar Sy: what Jean-Jacques Goldman changed in his life

Originally from Trappes, on the outskirts of Paris, which is now based in Hollywood, USA, Omar Sy is a very clear definition of success. In an interview given this weekend to JDD, the actor acknowledged the importance of Jean-Jacques Goldman's songs in his career.

Between filming, his family's life and several interviews, Omar Sy has agreed to open the door for director Eric Hannezo. For several months, a team of journalists was able to follow 40-year-old comedians in their daily lives. The results of this work will be a documentary entitled This is your chance and broadcast on November 21, 2018 on Canal +. According to Omar Sy, the title of this report was not randomly selected.

In an interview entrusted this weekend to JDD, the French actor stressed the deliberate assumption on the famous eponymous song written and performed by Jean-Jacques Goldman in 1987. Omar Sy even revealed to the newspaper the importance of this song having on his life journey . " I grew up in the 80she explained. Goldman, you can't avoid it. This song sounds very loud inside me. " As a reminder, this song tells the story of a girl who wants to succeed in her life and is forced to fight obstacles that block her path. In Trappes, on the outskirts of Paris, with eight siblings, Omar Sy identified with this character. Jean-Jacques Goldman's words gave him the strength and desire to dream of a better life and overcome the obstacles that had accumulated in his journey.

Today, Omar Sy is in the United States. Obviously, Jean-Jacques Goldman's suggestion paid off. Strong in its success in French cinema, the father of a family now in Hollywood is an adaptation of Jack London's book Forest call (1903). A feature film where the sons of African immigrants return to one of the biggest stars of modern cinema, Harrison Ford. Success that doesn't change Frenchy's taste: " I listen to rap, funk but Goldman is my camera too, seriously! "

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