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Nicole Belloubet acknowledges "dysfunction"


The Minister of Justice commented, in JDD, a report on the murder of married couples carried out in 2015 and 2016, acknowledging that "the criminal chain is not satisfactory".

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"Very clearly, that is not true." Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet highlighted gaps in the handling of justice in cases of murder of women in an interview at Sunday Newspaper (JDD) November 17th. This specifically depends on the publication of the mission report entrusted in June to the Inspectorate General of Justice to analyze cases of marital crime and the efforts carried out in 2015 and 2016 that have been definitively tried, and which World launching outline Saturday, November 16.

In this case, 85% of the perpetrators were men and 83% of the victims were women. The facts are carried out day and night and most with weapons, most often piercing. The document also revealed that in 41% of 88 cases of crime of married couples investigated, the victim had reported.

With these figures, Nicole Belloubet admits that "The chain of punishment is not satisfying. This report puts a finger on the difficulties and dysfunction ". Minister chooses "Difficulties for those who gather complaints to measure reality and the level of danger. That's why they need to be trained»he insisted.

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"There must always be a criminal response"

Nicole Belloubet also believes that the acceptance and listening to victims of violence must be increased: "We need to implement a response protocol that leaves no room for any mistakes, anywhere. So there is no feeling of impunity, there must always be a punitive response, even if it is not always at the same level, of course."

He also said "Profitable" allows doctors to violate medical confidentiality in some cases, "Specifically to resolve situations where victims cannot take legal action". Just like strengthening the support of the perpetrators of violence (electronic bracelets, training periods of responsibility …).

The minister finally believes it "A new law is needed" and will be studied at the end of Grenelle's domestic violence, on November 25.

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"Victims of their partners and sometimes from our own failures"

The minister had criticized the shortcomings of his institution Friday, November 15, at a conference at the Cassation Court in Paris. "In ten years, we have identified nearly 1,500 women who have died, victims of their partners and sometimes from our own failures," he said.

The observations were supported by an investigation conducted by twelve journalists from world of the 120 feminicides identified in 2018. More than a third of victims, for example, have submitted complaints or complaints in the past. In some cases, the court's response time is particularly problematic.

More than 130 women have been killed by their colleagues or former colleagues since early 2019.

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