Friday , December 4 2020

Lola and Angélique (Koh-Lanta) topless: two friends in a dream setting

It’s not always about survival and entry strategy Koh-Lanta. It happens (very often) that a beautiful friendship is created, like a love story. In the new season of the adventure game brought to you by Denis Brogniart, which is currently airing on TF1, two young adventurers have become friends. They are Lola, the North and Angélique, Parisienne, who have remained together from the start. Both begin with northern tribal colors.

Lola and Angélique get along very well Koh-Lanta, 4 Negeri, that their friendship has lasted a long time outside of Fiji (their season shooting location). The proof, the number of photos they share on their Instagram page, and where they pose together. The one Angelique published on Friday, October 30 has not gone unnoticed, and for good reason. The young woman appeared from behind, posing topless beside Lola.

The purpose of this publication is to meet with viewers on the same night for new episodes Koh-Lanta, which was marked by the elimination of Jody but also by two wins for Lola. In the comfort test and the immunity test. After winning the sacking event, Lola chooses her friend Angélique to go on an excursion, which not without cringes a little. Pretty Norther wanted so badly to protect her fellow adventurers that she went a step further by giving her one of her two immune necklaces. And he did well because, without this precious gift, Angélique would have been eliminated.

Meet you tonight at the front Koh-Lanta … In these difficult times, I hope you will share a good time with the people you love … Always be there with my @lola_kohlanta. Good night allAngélique wrote in the photo caption.

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