Friday , December 4 2020

LIVE. Covid-19: “The end is too soon”, criticized François Hollande

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9:26 a.m. Paris Bourse sank and lost more than 3% immediately after opening.

8h52. Full containment costs the French economy 2 to 2.5 points of GDP per month. This is a perspective set by Public Accounts Minister Olivier Dussopt on Wednesday, while the possibility of a less stringent re-containment than in the spring has not been ruled out by the government for dealing with the epidemic. “When activity stops for a full month, we lose between 2 and 2.5 points of GDP. This is more than 10 billion euros in intervention costs and at least 10 billion euros in tax revenue losses, “explained the minister on Sud Radio. He explained that, since the start of the crisis, the country has raised 70 billion euros in less tax revenue.

8:44 a.m. “We have to show that there is a way out of this crisis and not just a catastrophe,” said François Hollande. “Release too soon and return to school in September are set too optimistically”, continued the former head of state.

8:42 am. The hospital is in danger. Frédéric Valletoux, president of the French Hospital Federation, warned about the situation in hospitals. “Today, we have a hospital left weak” from the first wave, with “fewer caregivers” and “proven carers”, he warned France Inter.

8:40 am. “A president is never alone to decide, he must surround himself with advice and must consult together before taking, for example, the option of general imprisonment”, stressed former Republican President François Hollande at France Info.

8:37. “We have to move towards a complete lockdown”, said the president of the French Hospital Federation of Inter France.

8h27. The new general confinement “will be catastrophic for the European economy”. According to economists, in the event of a global recurrence, the risk of bankruptcy of corporate chains in the Old Continent, particularly in Southern countries, is very high. Read here.

8h08. “Big day” for business in Melbourne after three months of closure. A sense of immense relief dominated on Wednesday among traders in Melbourne, southern Australia, where shops and restaurants were finally able to reopen after more than three months of closures imposed by the second wave of the coronavirus.

As much of Europe and North America is moving fearfully forward into a wintry winter due to restrictions, Australia’s second city has not been asked to celebrate, on the contrary, its release. To the point that the bar reopened overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, at midnight, the official time of the official end of this act that forced “nonessential” businesses to stay closed.

7:56 am GSK and Sanofi pledge 200 million doses of vaccine to poor countries. Sanofi and GSK Laboratories announced on Wednesday that they will make 200 million doses of their vaccine available to the international Covax program, launched by the WHO and which aims to help ensure equitable access to vaccines in the future. Covid19.

7h52. ISIn Ecuador, graves are closed for All Saints’ Day. Ecuador, including its capital Quito, the city most affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, will close most of its graves on November 2, Day of the Dead, announced ECU911 security services director Juan Zapata. Ecuador, which has a population of 17.5 million, has so far recorded 163,192 cases of Covid-19, including 12,588 deaths, since late February.

7h40. Berlin’s new airport takes off amid the pandemic. Berliners no longer believe it: their new airport will welcome its first plane on Saturday, nine years behind schedule and a major concern at a time when the aviation sector is experiencing the worst crisis in its history.

7j35. If there is a complete lockdown, is the French economy really in danger of collapse? According to economists, such a tight detention in March could lead to a far more severe economic catastrophe than in the spring, with escalating bankruptcies, layoffs and a debt boom. But not all sectors will be affected in the same way. Our topic to read here.

7:15 am. A a tremendous bonus for entrepreneurs in priority environments. An extraordinary bonus of 1,500 euros will be awarded to 5,000 entrepreneurs installed in priority districts of the city (QPV), announced this Wednesday by the City Ministry, to face the consequences of the Covid crisis.

6:55 am. The 4 week confinement scenario is on the table. The President of the Republic will announce on Wednesday evening, at 8 p.m., new measures against the Covid-19 epidemic. The final arbitration will take place this morning during the new defense council at the Elysee Palace. The subject we find here.

6:55 am. Crisis meeting in Germany. In Germany, a crisis meeting is scheduled for Wednesday between Angela Merkel’s government and regional leaders.

With around 11,000 people killed, Germany is doing – as in spring – always better than other European countries such as France or Spain.

But new infections hit a record 14,714 there on Saturday, and the Chancellor recently asked his compatriots to stay at home as much as possible.

“We must now take decisions quickly and in a sure way to break this second wave of contamination,” stressed German Deputy Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

6:35 am. Half of the sheaves beds in France are occupied by Covid-19 patients. More than 2,900 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized in intensive care on Tuesday, occupying half of the beds currently available in France on this service to welcome the most seriously ill patients, according to the latest official figures.

Compared to the last assessment, there were 148 more patients in intensive care (2,909 versus 2,761 the day before). The current capacity of resuscitation services – which not only accommodate Covid patients – is around 5,800 beds, which public authorities are looking to increase in the coming days.

If we also take the release into account, 431 Covid-19 patients were treated in sheaves (or intensive care) in the last 24 hours, according to data published by the French public health agency.

6.30am. 288 new deaths in French hospitals. On the official website, authorities reported 288 deaths in hospital over the past 24 hours and 235 in nursing homes over the past four days. At the height of the first wave, in April, more than 700 deaths were recorded on any given day, adding to hospitals and nursing homes.

6:25 am. Hospitalizations for Covid are still increasing. The total number of hospitalizations for Covid continues to increase in France. Nearly 19,000 Covid-19 patients (18,955) are now hospitalized, compared with 17,761 the previous day.

6:15 am. TousAntiCovid was downloaded 4.2 million times. The new version of the Covid-19 tracking app, renamed “TousAntiCovid”, was launched five days ago. “With this appropriate update, 4.2 million French people have downloaded this application to date”, said the Delegation of Ministers in charge of Autonomy, Brigitte Bourguignon.

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