“Les Tuche 4”: first trailer released


Olivier Baroux’s comedy with Jean-Paul Rouve and Isabelle Nanty is due out in February 2021.

A crazy first trailer has just been released Tuche 4. The fourth part of the adventures of Cathy, Jeff, Ice T, Tuche Daddy, Coin-Coin, and Mamie Suzy has the theme of overconsumption. Jeff Tuche confronts his brother-in-law, Jean-Yves, the director of a warehouse owned by the American e-commerce giant.

“After resigning from his position as President of the Republic, Jeff and his family are delighted to be back in their village in Bouzolles. In the run-up to the year-end celebrations, Cathy asks for a unique gift: reconnecting with her sister Maguy, and husband Jean-Yves with whom Jeff has been angry for a long time. 10 years … Reconciliation can go smoothly, except at lunch, Jeff and Jean-Yves will once again find a topic of debate: CHRISTMAS This family quarrel that should never leave Bouzolles will turn into a showdown between Jeff and the Internet distribution giant, “said the synopsis.

Targeted at the beginning of the year, Tuche 4 resolved during the pandemic from the Corona virus. To finish the film, Olivier Baroux and Jean-Paul Rouve are forced to rewrite the remaining scenes for them to respect the measure of social distancing. Jean-Paul Rouve and Isabelle Nanty provide answers for the newbies in the world of Tuche: Michel Blanc and François Berléand.

Originally scheduled for December 9 then on December 16The comedy will finally hit theaters on February 3, 2021, Pathé announced. February 3 is the date that another heavyweight French humor is due: OSS 177, the third part.


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