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Joe Gomez's dirty week


Joe Gomez will remember his eighth choice for England. Placed in front of all British media for several days after his clash with Citizen Raheem Sterling, the 22-year-old Liverpool player has been defended in the Three Lions group for a match against Montenegro which counts for the qualifying round. Euro 2020, unlike Mancunian, was dismissed for this meeting. An incident that could end there, especially after Gareth Southgate's brilliant 7-0 victory.

But yesterday, in the 70th minute, when England led 6 goals to 0, the England coach chose to bring Gomez over Mason Mount. Wembley's public response was then not made to wait: whistle and chatter on the menu for Red. An event that was not pleasant at all for the English team. Starting with the culprit of this affair, Raheem Sterling. Present in the stands, the City striker did not hesitate to take his cellphone to express his disappointment.

The English locker room supports Gomez

"To all fans of the England team: I don't want to express myself, but I have to do it again. It's hard for me to see my teammates being ridiculed because of something that is my responsibility. Joe doesn't make mistakes. And for me, it's not good to see someone who worked hard, especially after a difficult week, was ridiculed when he entered. I accepted full responsibility and accepted the consequences. ", he has posted on his account nervousness, imitated by Southgate.

"Joe didn't do anything bad. No player from England should be scorned when he wore a choice shirt. We are a team. I don't understand He and Raheem are very close. We don't want to see anyone on the team treated this way. All players very dissatisfied. I am very disappointed for him, but he has all the support of a dressing room. We will be there for him. " Shaken by the selection partner and ridiculed by the British public, Joe Gomez, who will be a hole according to local media, might hope for this international ceasefire to end. Fortunately for him, the last qualifying match of the Three Lions will be played outside (in Kosovo).

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