Saturday , November 23 2019
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Jessica Thivenin: big bad buzz after placing a new product!

Jessica Thivenin has just made a new product placement on social networks. Unfortunately, it did not pass.

Jessica Thivenin just made it new product placement on his Instagram account. Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to users at all! Find the reason!

Jessica Thivenin will be a mother in a few days. And the most we can say is that her pregnancy full of twists. Indeed, the young woman must appear in the new season Marseillais VS Rest of the World.

Unfortunately for Jessica Thivenin, things did not go according to plan. The baby very fragile and the doctors ordered him to stay in bed for several weeks to protect the child. They told him at a meeting. "If the baby is still there in a month, it's a miracle, we will issue champagne! "Button.

This news is clearly worrying future parents. They then decide to put things in their place to make it as good as possible.

Jessica Thivenin made a bad buzz on the network

Jessica Thivenin will give birth in a few days now. Very active on social networks, the young woman did not hesitate to share photos with her fans. Especially product placement.

But if today the young woman talks about it for a very different reason, she is making a product placement that does not pass at all to the Internet and which is almost the same. bad buzz.

Indeed, he then posts a video or he makes a product placement for the application tiktok. We saw him lying with his dogs. Internet users are not at all sure and tell: "This breaks up all your feeds and this post isn't even the same filter", "No need for Tik Tok to make movies, videos are useless". Some people tried to defend the young woman under publication!