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In "Singer Mask", Squirrel's identity surprised the jury and viewers


TF1 – Is it because his disguise, which has been widely commented on on social networks, has preoccupied debate about its benefits so that the "Mask Singer" Squirrel is able to create surprises? Public votes and judges of the new edition of TF1 have appointed this candidate, Friday, November 15, as the person who must leave the adventure at the end of this second episode. And as the rules of the game want, he must take off his mask and reveal his celebrity identity …

His first performance at "Djadja" by Aya Nakamura (video at the top of the article), less confident than a peacock, with which he competes. In balance, Squirrel must sing a second time. He chose Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance", as you see below.

The two shows were told by the jury, consisting of Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Jarry and Anggun, that celebrities hidden under Squirrel's disguises were common at the scene. Her feminine voice, as well as the remaining instructions in the introductory video, which included her experience as a dancer, led four "investigators" in the Dorothée, Chantal Goya, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Julie Ferrier and Chantal Ladesou paths. or Annie Cordy …

Finally, after voting from the public and the jury decided to eliminate it, the squirrel took off his mask to reveal the face … Sheila! The icon yéyé, a disco star in the late 1970s, hiding under the guise of squirrel space … regarding the tube "Spacer"?

Disclosure of his identity, seen below, creating surprises among jury members and viewers. "In my normal life, I was crazy, so when someone offered me something crazy, I left," said the 74-year-old singer.

Throughout the night, it was not Sheila's voice that made the audience curious to comment on the event on Twitter, but rather her voice. If it's served like a squirrel, many see a rabbit. We understand better why some people think of Chantal Goya …

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