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iFixit: the new 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard isn't that bad

Apple is very proud of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard that has inherited a name that resonates with Mac users: Magic Keyboard. Phil Schiller made many of them on the subject, explaining how much the manufacturer had invested in the resources and time to design this keyboard that brought up to date the good old scissors mechanism before 2015 (read: Phil Schiller: the Magic Keyboard only for pro users when this).

MacBook Pro keyboard 16 inches below the blade.

Communication is one thing, the reality is another: demolition of new computers operated by iFixit shows that Apple has just continued the scissor key technology of the Magic Keyboard and MacBook before the butterfly era. So much so that the bricolo site is having fun removing the keys kunci MacBook Pro to replace it with the same touch as the Magic Keyboard. Without this it causes problems.

All is better for improvement, but it's hard to believe that Apple will bother to maintain two keyboard technologies, scissors for laptops for the pros, and butterflies for the general public like Phil Schiller wants to believe. This is mainly because machines equipped with butterflies are protected by expensive keyboard replacement programs.

DemolitioniFixit continues, but other autopsy teachings show that SSD and RAM are soldered to the motherboard; therefore, it is not possible to replace these components (Microsoft and its Surface Pro X lecture to Apple).

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