Friday , December 4 2020

How to cure vitamin D during confinement?

This is more urgent than ever taking vitamin D medications., According to experts. Important for health bones, teeth and muscles, but also useful for skin beauty, vitamin D may be deficient in this period confinement. Recently a scientific study revealed that uborn vitamin D deficiency. was observed in 82.2% of patients with Covid-19*.

Where can I find vitamin D?

It’s nothing if he gets nicknamed « sun vitamins ». Our bodies naturally cannot create energy on their own. Vitamin B. : it is basically synthesized thanks to contacts UVB rays from the sun on the skin. To a lesser extent, it is also found in many fatty fish, in meat, dairy products or eggs. So, people who follow a vegan diet tight skin, who have dark skin or are not frequently exposed to the sun (which we all experience on different scales in this period) suffer from a deficiency most often. vitamin D.

In addition, research and clinical trials conducted on the coronavirus have shown this vitamin D helps fight respiratory infections, supports the immune system, and even treats mild Covid-19 symptoms. All the more reasons to follow this pro tip get a good vitamin D drug during confinement!

* A 2020 UK study of people who have tested positive for the coronavirus and published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.


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