Tuesday , July 27 2021

Houcine from Star Ac 2: this family drama where he risks imprisonment

Houcine experienced the beginnings of French reality TV by participating in 2002 in her second season Star Academy. Ex-finalist candidates are now back in the news, called to face justice to respond to acts of violence.

Houcine has gone on several things to win Star Academy. In 2002, young Nancy tried her luck on TF1 and won a place in the final against Nolwenn Leroy. Breton woman wins. Sixteen years later, Houcine returned in a much worse light. L & # 39; Est Républicain revealed indeed that the 38-year-old singer appeared Friday, November 16 in front of Nancy's correctional court. He is accused of committing violence against the mother of his six-year-old son, who has been separated for several years.

The facts returned to May 2017. That day, a dispute broke out between Houcine and her ex-boyfriend in front of their son's school. The father was supposed to take care of the child but his mother was hesitant. His son will tell him that he has witnessed a violent home scene Between Houcine and her new partner. The child will betrauma" When the tone escalated, the police intervened and let Houcine go with his son, according to the family judge's order that the singer hold his possession. After the peacekeepers left, the mother followed Houcine and the child then joined them in a shop a few steps away. The tone rises again.

Two versions of the clash later: He said he had been insulted and then beaten violently by the former candidate Star Academy. He categorically denies the facts alleged to him. Without witnesses or recordings, it is difficult to decide. The court relies on two conflicting testimonies and a medical certificate that proves a wound on the mother's face without establishing its origin. While a substitute prosecutor needed three months in prison, he was suspended for Houcine, the second lawyer asked for release. Both parties must now wait until December 7 to find out the court's decision.

Credit photo: Houcine of Star Ac 2: this family drama that he risks imprisoning

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