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Hearing Fitness, the first hearing fitness technology


HearingFitness is the first and last hearing fitness technology launched by Oticon. But this is a mobile application that analyzes user data to offer support with personalized hearing health care.

Thus, the Oticon manufacturer aims to advance auditory technology. Either through HearingFitness, a real modern discovery tool, or through hearing aid connectivity Oticon Opn.

The era of hearing connected to better health is now

Today, there are many changes in innovation, especially in the health sector. In connection with this, users are increasingly encouraged to actively participate in it. Thus, hearing health care is very important, this is to avoid social isolation. In addition, increased hearing has many other beneficial health consequences.

Thus, health care allows people to communicate with each other. But also to participate and exchange the world without difficulty. All of this can be a problem for impaired hearing.

And that's why Oticon, the precursor to e-health, launched the HearingFitness application. Because this tool combines data on the hearing state of the person and people on general health conditions. Thus, the application of this tool allows users of hearing aids to track and personalize their hearing health. It trains people in virtuous circles by following their progress.

Hearing Fitness-CES

Application to better control and maintain the health of your hearing

Just like sports applications, HearingFitness provides information to help people with hearing loss understand each other better. This is learning how to optimize their behavioral and hearing habits, to better manage their hearing health.

So each user can with HearingFitness, track their own health. And look at the progress of setting goals and even tracking the time of use of hearing aids. In addition, he received encouragement and notices to encourage him to do so. Another factual point, the person can find out the noise level that is exposed. All of this contributes to the improvement of his life, both hearing and personal.


Applications to live better and get to know each other better

Available in the Appstore and part of the exclusive application ACTIVE from Oticon, The Hearing Application offers several things. Among other things, the optimal program for the environment of sound and hearing.

In addition, it provides reminders based on information from data that helps to set hearing goals. It also tracks progress when collecting data to help develop future products. Finally, the reminder function also contributes to the reception of hearing aids. Indeed, notifications encourage users to first use hearing aids permanently.

For example, after daily and regular use, a person can receive a notification that encourages a readjustment of his goals. Like "Congratulations, you've just surpassed your listening target for the past two weeks. Do you want to change your goals?"

Data collection to advance hearing technology

HearingFitness collects various types of data. Related to the trial and the situation in which the user is located. For example, as mentioned above, the level of use of hearing aids and sound environmental analysis.

In addition, data from other applications and portable devices can be analyzed. Indeed, the HearingFitness application collects other information. Thus, heart rate measurements and sleep patterns are useful in guiding users to healthier practices.

Listen to Fitness in action

Finally, by combining real-time data provided by hearing aids. Then analyze the data compiled globally with all application users. All of this provides information about lifestyle and health care. As such, HearingFitness enhances and develops the user's hearing solutions according to their personal habits.

Beyond customized hearing health, data analysis through the HearingFitness application contributes to the development of Oticon's future hearing aids.
At CES 2018, HearingFitness won the Innovation Award in the category "Cellular Software and Applications".

this winner-of-the-2018-innovation-award

Oticon Opn connects hearing aids and IFTTT networks

If Oticon is the first manufacturer to open the world of hearing for e-health, it's thanks to the connectivity of its Opn hearing aid. Indeed, Oticon has developed the first hearing aid that is connected to the Internet.

Oticon Opn hearing aids can communicate through the IFTTT network (If This Is It) with various connected objects. But this connectivity is reflected every day by improving the quality of life of every user. Thus, the IFTTT site makes it possible to make an action: if this action occurs (If This), then the action occurs (Then That).

In order not to be too technical, here is an example of IFTTT actions.

To do this, just connect the device together through the IFTTT application and the Oticon ON application. Then select the action you want to do and after recording. Alerts synchronized between telephone and hearing aids Opn. Thus, it is possible for example to turn on the connected light as soon as you turn on your hearing aid. The possibilities are endless and this can further enhance the user's daily life.


More information about www.oticon.com/www.oticon.fr

In addition, there is a white paper on HearingFitness.

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