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Grounded preview – Gamekult


Let's be a sport: there's no doubt that the success of the other big names in the genre has given Obsidian some desire. The initial purpose of Grounded simple, not to say agree, not to say you have seen, reviewed and even looked back at you: meet with three friends to build buildings today and protect them from enemy attacks as night falls. Yes yes, it's a bit like in some Minecraft or early versions of Fortnite. Little trick, that is rotate as the title trailer boasted about, it is the context in which we will do our dirty work. See you later, four teenage friends from Grounded have found themselves miniature and, apparently, have had to find a way to regain their original size and resume a normal life with what involves homework, tidy up your room and the year-end boom that ended badly.

The demo that we had access to, just ten minutes, asked us to complete the construction summary and to maintain it a few moments later, at the end of the time determined to play. Miniaturization requires, instead of kicking trees to collect wood, making emergency axes on the blades of grass to gather material. After the castle walls were restored, it took us a few minutes to explore the universe and walk before dark. The opportunity to find yourself in an empty soda can, to cross a giant box of abandoned cereal and to disturb some of the insects that formed the enemy group from the game. For each small style bug, between a mite jumping on a player, ants fighting one on one, spooky spiders and their projectiles, or insects attacking their surroundings with poisonous gas.

Fancy Chip

Unfortunately, Grounded seems to only have for him the universe and its distance expressed in centimeters. Despite the efforts of this small team from Obsidian, it's hard not to say that we had seen all this a few years ago. So, of course, it's better to drink the dew drops found on the ground than to hydrate yourself from a rickety puddle, and caravan shows that we can use spider webs to jump. But as it happens, everything we see is still rather bland and agreed upon. We still have hope that the game hides its best ideas for later, a release scheduled for spring 2020. For example, will the moat cross over our integration be filled with water if it rains? Is it necessary to handle threats that are more frightening than insects? Will the game benefit from careful writing because the studio tradition will have it? Unfortunately this remains a mystery for now.

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