Monday , July 26 2021

Gasoline, diesel … What type of vehicle is selected according to its use

Is it still relevant today to buy diesel? High taxes, pollution, city center restrictions, resale value. French people wonder while they were pushed for years to be rolled with diesel. We will see where special cases we have to go to gasoline.

Rule number one before you hurry: to ask the right questions. What do I use everyday? Am I rolling a lot? Do I travel long distances? Do I especially go to town? Because with every use, there are different answers.

If you drive less than 15,000 kilometers a year, forget diesel, because of the purchase there is an additional fee of around 2,000 / 2,500 euros to pay for particulate filters including loss of resale. If we take the example of Peugeot 308, we have to drive at least 5 years, or 75,000 kilometers, if we want to go back in spending. In terms of profitability, you have an interest in switching to gasoline.

What if I am a big driver?

If, on the contrary, me big roller ? On our antenna, Édouard Philippe talks about big wheels that are 60/70 kilometers per day. Because of that we are more than 20,0000 km per year. In this case, solar cannot be touched. Even if diesel is parallel or exceeds now unleaded prices.

When you consume 20% less, it's profitable especially with large displacement. And especially watch out for SUVs. Very fashionable, they consume more, and are often much more economical in the diesel version.

Diesel pulls on small vehicles?

Conversely if I have to buy a small car, is solar attractive? Not. Not at all, especially if you take a short trip. At the same time because your machine doesn't have time to really heat up, it becomes inefficient. Not to mention the city center ban on diesel.

In addition, manufacturers are gradually removing their catalog, diesel engines in their cities. From Twingo to Peugeot C1 through Opel Corsa and Toyota, it's all over. And the most sold car in France, Clio, will definitely stop this engine.

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