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Frontlight Torchlight will not be released in 2019 – News

Quietly since it was announced in August 2018, Torchlight Frontiers originally planned for release in 2019. A date that is no longer relevant to the Echtra Games side, which gave us the promise … "when the match will be ready".

Frontlight Torchlight will not be released in 2019

Max Schaefer, who was involved in designing the first two Diablo with his brother Erich before establishing Echtra Games in 2016, spoke about it at a conference this weekend at ExileCon (where Path of Exile 2 has been announced). His comments were delivered by PC Gamer and GameSpot :

The exit window in 2019 was released one and a half years ago. We haven't updated it yet, but we might have to do it. We don't have anything really specific to communicate. We are making some changes now which are rather difficult to handle. We don't really have better news to give at this time. That's why we are waiting (…) for the right moment to broadcast a lot of information about what is happening.

With Torchlight Frontiers, Echtra Games continues "what makes success" Two hacks of the Torchlight were developed by Fire Runic Games and transformed them into a persistent, divided and dynamically generated world. The players must join the dungeon filled with creatures, bosses and loot and advance their avatars. Three classes have been announced for now: Crepuscule Mage, Forged and Scrap.

Torchlight Frontiers: Scrapwright set his tracks

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