Françenn Hollande in Rennes warns of democratic despair


Both of them stood in the center of power. This is it "Metamorphosis" the Ve Former President of State François Hollande and former President of the National Assembly, between 2002 and 2007, Jean-Louis Debré discussed the Thursday 1st In November, as part of the Politikos International Political Film Festival, which holds its first release in Rennes 1st until 4 November. The two "ex" options for analyzing the current political panorama, sixty years after the birth of the Ve Republic.

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Francois Hollande expressed concern about the democracies that a "Very serious moment" from all over the world. Following the election of Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil or Donald Trump in the United States, the former Socialist leader felt that "France is not without the phenomenon where actors who want to be clearly connected with people are in direct contact with the major tasks". "We need to know that our institutions do not immunize us against this type of people," he added, without giving a name.

Later, when he reported the incarnation of power, he directly targeted Jean-Luc Mélenchon. "No one can say that he alone is the only Republic he is. There are some people who have a little lost (ie, their mind) about what the concept of the people is to be elected", she says clearly to the comments of the head of La France, who did not look into his premises by mid-October – "The Republic I Am".

List of five-year period 2012-2017

In this landscape Jean-Louis Debré regretted this "Neither the left nor the Republican law today is hope", while "In order to prevent a guardian from arriving, political parties have something to say". While Emmanuel Macron seriously twists the vote, "Promotion is a cause for concern"– said Francois Hollande, because today a Republican party can not occupy the voter.

– The clock is ticking (…), there are new challenges » : climate and immigration, but the "Need" the "Humanization" relations with politics. "All these questions are the parties that need to deal with them and have to show them in a forward-looking manner and not just whether their record of the predecessor was good or bad.", He told.

Comments were made while the Socialist Party was prepared to open the 2012-2017. In the case of the former head of state, they hear the case: this is the autumn slingers. "After the debate has taken place, the voting must be unanimous in a political group. How can one convince voters if there are voices in their party that they say they disagree with the very importance of politics [menée] ? "

"What deeply upsets me is that the consequence is a failure: a small group can lose it, and at that moment we want totally disciplined majority, cummed, godillot"continued Francois Hollande, who did not ignore the power of his successor.

When will she become President of Jean-Louis Debré? With a smile, François Hollande said that a few days after leaving Elysee, when he heard the radio announce a presidential commitment, he told himself "But he did not make this decision to me!" An obsolete era. "I want to comfort my successor, I understand, and I'm very clear." He assured.

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