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former adviser Antoine Griezmann tells the truth about the difficulties of his former students


Eric Olhats played a decisive role in the international tricolor career, because it was him, when he became a lookout at Real Sociedad, who found the original Mâcon and brought him back to Basque land. The rest, everyone knows that. In 2014, he even became an advisor to the FC Barcelona player, a position he held until 2017. But if we rely on his comments reported by RMC Sport, the two men remained in touch. The former Real Sociedad employee also said a little more about the transfer of his son who used to be in Barcelona.

"He found himself in a situation where he was on one side, he was no longer playing in the shaft, with new benchmarks to be found. If I were charged to players, I wasn't sure that I would be in the rave to go to Barcelona. Apart from everything that is said, that it will have fluidity, etc. Yes, as long as you play the position that suits you.he said, implying that the decision to join Barcelona might not be the right one to be nicknamed Grizi.

(He knows it will be difficult.)

For him, Antoine Griezmann is not necessarily aware of what awaits him in Barcelona: "But I'm not Ernesto Valverde, I don't know what was planned or what was included in the discussion. What I realized was that there was a strong and repeated desire from him to go to Barcelona. (…) I am a little sad about this situation. He knew it would be difficult. I had the impression that he was being sold a project where he would occupy a position of quality, in relation to Messi, and that this did not happen according to plan ".

However, like Clement Lenglet earlier this week, Eric Olhats has denied rumors that aroused tense relations between former Atlético Madrid and Catalan dressing room star Lionel Messi. But his former colt could be forced to force himself into a position other than his own. Anyway, after the ceasefire, Antoine Griezmann will be expected in turn with the reception of Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League then travel to the area of ​​his former club, Atlético de Madrid.

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