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For the anniversary of the movement, "yellow vest" hopes to move back


On November 17, 2018, 282,000 people demonstrated everywhere in France. While the movement is up, the "yellow vest" is counting on this weekend to be heard again.

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One of
One of the last "stunts" of the "yellow vest", 9 November at Montpellier PASCAL GUYOT / AFP

The "yellow vest", which has been struggling to mobilize for months, has defeated troop withdrawals for the first anniversary of the social movement this weekend, especially in Paris where authorities expect Saturday to enter. "A few thousand" people, including radical protesters. It has been a long time since the "yellow vest" weekend has not been known to be bubbly: more than 200 actions (towing, demonstrations, roundabout work) are scheduled all weekend according to a list posted on Facebook.

On Friday, November 15, one hundred "yellow vests" blocked the chemical plant classified by Seveso in Montoir-de-Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique), near Saint-Nazaire, before being taken off by police.

If uncertainty remains at the level of mobilization, the Secretary of State for Interior Laurent Nunez was recognized on Friday in France 2 "A little more interested" and awaken "Suitable device" the power of the side of the order, to commemorate this new movement that shook power.

"Loss of energy"

The last "act" of the "yellow vest" never gathered more than a few thousand people, far from the 282,000 protesters recorded by the authorities on 17 November 2018 on the first Saturday a movement quickly marked by scenes of violence not published in Paris and in the area and by criticism "Police violence". According to an Elabe poll released Wednesday, 55% of French support or have sympathy for mobilization, but 63% do not want to continue.

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"It's not normal we are still on the road after one year", said Priscillia Ludosky, one of the movement's figures, on the Salam website. "It's very complicated to say that there is no political answer to face and energy loss in mobilization."

"There will be important mobilization but not as we recorded in December or January at the national level", trust security sources, who are waiting "A few thousand people" in Paris, among them "200 to 300 ultra-yellow and 100 to 200 ultra-left". The Paris police headquarters invited the protesters "To break away from groups of people who hide and prepare to commit or commit violence and / or degradation".

Champs-Elysées is prohibited

On the Facebook event, there are no special slogans or claims, but references to "Party" and "Anniversary" from the movement, which was born a year ago from anger at fuel taxes before adopting several other claims such as the resignation of Emmanuel Macron or more direct democracy.

The most popular event, dubbed «Act 53 Yellow birthday vest on Champs-Elysees», bringing together more than 5,000 participants and more than 6,700 interested people. Famous streets will be banned, however, like every Saturday since the violence that took place on March 16. The "yellow vest citizens" collective, at the initiative of the meeting, "Save phone" despite the refusal from the police headquarters and advised the demonstrators to do it "Delete" their vest.

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Opposing the demonstration declared, Eric Drouet, a movement figure, was called in an online video to a "Slug operation" on the ring road from 10 am and then on Champs-Elysées starting at 14:00. The driver, who refused to take on the role of regulator, also raised the idea of ​​meeting on foot "Out of the restricted zone", in a place that has not yet been determined, then to join the road "Without any special signs or yellow vest".

Events throughout France

Priscillia Ludosky will lead the event which is stated to be leaving at 14 from Piazza in Italy to reach the Franz Liszt Square, at 10e Paris arrondissement.

Elsewhere, meetings are scheduled in several major cities including Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and Toulouse. Calls to reinvest roundabouts, with or without blockages, were also launched in Besançon, Calais, Colmar, Dole, Dunkirk or Montpellier.

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Finally, the Virsac toll dam (Gironde) on A10, was ransacked at the end of November 2018, and on the motorway exit at A7 in Vaucluse or at A47 in the Loire is also planned.

On Sunday, rallies were also announced in Paris and in the provinces. A tribute will be held at Pont-de-Beauvoisin (Isère) in memory of a 63-year-old woman who was killed on the first day of the demonstration after being hit by a car at a roundabout.

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