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FDJ: they bet around 16 billion euros last year, who are they?


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/ Dubouillon
/ Dubouillon

Fewer players, but bets increase.

In 2018, France's matches accounted for 25 million players (against 26 in 2017), for bets that exceeded 15.8 billion (+ 4.4% for one year). The average bet per player per year amounts to 580 euros in 2017. In perfect parity between men and women, FDJ reports 37% of "regular" players, 33% of "casual" players and 30% of "monthly" players. Nearly half (49%) of bets involve initial play (around 20 offered by FDJ), 32% of draw games (Lotto, EuroMillions-My Million, lifetime Keno winners and Amigo) and express games, and 19% of sports bets.

/ Dubouillon
/ Dubouillon

198 players were named billionaire last year

Of the 15.8 billion bets collected, around 10.7 billion euros are redistributed in revenue. In addition to the 3.3 billion that the State pocketed, the rest went to FDJ (818 million euros) and 30,000 points of distribution network sales (785 million). In the legal gambling market, FDJ has a weighting of 50% in terms of game gross products (the difference between players' bets and their wins), the other half is divided between horse bets (PMU), slot machines in casinos, sports betting, poker and table games in casinos and finally online poker.

Alsatians will be beautiful players, bad Bretons losers

A stingy French match with more precise data about the players, the latest regional figures, about Lotto, back in 2012. They told us that the Alsatians have the highest weekly average bet (6.66 euros) before Guyanese (6 euros) and Lorraine (5.93 euros). While Brittany (€ 5.09), Nord-Pas-de-Calais (€ 5.10) and Pays-de-Loire (€ 5.18) are at the end of the rankings. France's average Lotto per capita weekly bet is 46 cents, which puts them far behind Denmark (1.22 euros), Italy (1.66 euros), or Finland (1.89 euros). Only Greeks (11 centimes), Dutch (24 centimes) and Portuguese (35 centimes) played less in their country's lottery.

INSEE also published, in 2012, a study on "Gambling in France". He taught us that half of the adults in France are involved in gambling, sometimes even. In 2012, in France, households bet 46.2 billion euros in gambling. The average bet per player (up 76% from 2000) will amount to nearly 2,000 euros per year, with a cost, net of profits, of the order of 400 euros. The share of total household consumption devoted to gambling increased from 0.6% in 1990 to 0.8% in 2012.

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