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Diarrhea, stomach ache … Attention, warning against parasites in tap water, 38 people are drunk

"Cryptosporin epidemic in Grasse and surrounding areas: don't drink tap water …" Information, which was launched by Grassroots, has become viral on social networks. It was taken and shared on Facebook, especially in the "You know you Grasse when …" group where comments and warnings have gone well since Thursday.

And this is not intoxicating, as confirmed by Professor Pierre Marty, head of the parasitology department of the University of Nice Hospital, and the Regional Health Agency (ARS): the cryptosporidium parasite rages between Var and western Alpes-Maritimes. The symptoms? Carbohydrate diarrhea and severe stomach pain that can last for several days.

Parasitic infections

But note the name of the disease: cryptosporidiosis (and not "cryptosporin" as read on social networks). ARS counts Friday, 38 cases reported between 7 October and 12 November.

But what is cryptosporidiosis, a disease that has not been heard by many people until now?

"This is an infection of the digestive tract due to parasites, cryptosporidium, the LRA said in a statement sent Friday. This parasite is in the environment. Infection rates vary between 0.6% and 2% in industrialized countries. "

We recover faster or less

"These are parasites that were not well known in humans until the 80s, said Professor Pierre Marty, contacted by Nice-morning. In contrast, veterinarians know him well because he is responsible for diarrhea in children and calves. In the 1980s we began to have cases in humans that showed a decrease in immunity. Pathology, as in animals, mainly causes diarrhea and abdominal pain. In principle, there is direct or indirect contact with animal diarrhea. "

For healthy people, healing is spontaneous. Although sometimes the symptoms can last several weeks, note the ARS.

Conversely, in people with immune disorders, the infection may be more severe and require medical management.

Mid-week survey results

Why did the epidemic begin at Grasse, the residence of the first detected case, as confirmed by Pierre Marty, whose services are the reference center in the region? "Heavy rain in the last days will stir the earth?" Nice teacher asked.

"Investigations are underway to determine the exact origin of contamination, explaining ARS who is responsible for the investigation of resources that supply drinking water networks in the western part of the department, to determine the possibility of contamination from water."

Meanwhile, "surveys are also conducted to detect possible failures during work or interventions that can change the pipeline. The results of the analysis will be available by mid next week"said the Regional Health Agency.

Controlled tap water

For questions: can we drink tap water? ARS responded that while waiting for the results of the investigation, the production and distribution of drinking water remained under supervision and control: "Until now, no anomalies have been revealed, so there is no limit on tap water consumption."

ARS recommends in cases of persistent diarrhea, "to consult with your doctor to carry out additional possible analyzes and to adjust treatments according to your health conditions."

Information that the municipality of Grasse clearly conveys on its own network.
Note: this parasite is resistant to bleach, but does not like ozone-treated water, according to Pierre Marty.

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