Wednesday , August 4 2021

Demonstration in Paris against Apple, "symbol of tax avoidance"

"Apple, pay your taxes!": Dozens of activists from the anti-globalization organization Attac gathered Sunday at the recently opened Apple Store on the Champs-Elysees, to condemn the practice of tax evasion of multinational companies such as computer giants.

"We celebrate, in our own way, the inauguration of the Apple store on the Champs-Elysées, to remember that Apple is one of the biggest tax evasion in the world," said Aurélie Trouvé, Attac spokesman while activists wearing colorful wigs and pointed hats dancing following the accompaniment of a brass band and throwing confetti.

"This is the first market capitalization in the world, but most of its empire was formed mainly by the fact that it squeezed billions of euros from citizens, especially Europe and France, by avoiding profits for tax purposes. First in Ireland and later in Jersey," he accuse. "On the road, we have McDonald's, we have HSBC, it is a way for tax evaders," he said.

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For their part, Apple customers, who lined up in front of a giant shop before being opened during the day, were greeted by employees who cheered and clapped.

Next to, separated by rows of guards, activists unfurled banners – "At Apple, they bent backwards to hide their profits in the tax haven" – and an activist disguised as a fresh apple, a brand symbol waving a suitcase filled with fake banknotes. Others wear masks representing the French president.

Gafa in the government viewfinder?

"Emmanuel Macron multiplies the prize for the richest people and allows tax evasion which currently costs 80 billion euros to the State each year, namely to say the overall French public deficit," he said. angry Aurelie Trouvé, for whom "the French government has done everything effective against multinational companies."

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has repeatedly shown his determination to get European policies regarding the taxation of digital giants, especially Gafa (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple). Some countries strongly oppose this tax, such as Ireland, where several companies have formed their European bridges.

Attac activists also led actions to accuse Apple of "exploiting Asian workers," not to respect user privacy, and to practice "hype".

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