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Bugatti Bolide – 1,850 horsepower and over 500 km / hr!

After some teasing and teasing exclusive spy photos, finally it’s time to find out what’s behind the number 0.67 and the sentence “What if …?” : here The new Bugatti Bolide.

Never before has the Bugatti been more extreme in brand history. As the Molsheim company says, three words are enough to describe it: “Reduced, raw, authentic.”

With the concept of Bugatti Bolide technology, this French luxury car manufacturer presents answers to questions: What if Bugatti built a very light vehicle around only the iconic 8.0 liter W16 engine ? What will happen if the power increases and the weight decreases? The answer is before us with experimental studies on 1850 horse, only for 1240 kilos… A monster dedicated to the track, ready to go round the world at an unprecedented speed … except maybe not F1!

Bugatti Bolide

As light as a butterfly

Yes, you read that right, compared to Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, the fastest car in the world, must be remembered, the Bugatti Bolide announced 250 more horses. And 250 Nm too, provided we do … As for the weight, it’s freefall, 700 kilos less, or about a quarter of the total mass.

Bugatti Bolide

And that’s a famous figure 0.67 which Bugatti has announced in a teaser: weight / power ratio. We almost dare not believe it! 0.67 kg / hp, which means more concretely that each horse in the W16 has just a little over half a kilo to move. All this thanks to the massive use of lightweight materials, since then ultra-light every Bugatti Bolide screw and fastener is made of titanium, that bodywork completely Carbon Fiber, And that’s not all!

Indeed, it is3D impression has also been used for certain elements of titanium, making it possible to fine-tune as many parts as possible, some only 0.5 millimeters thick!

Sting like a wasp

The Bugatti Bolide measures 4.75 meters long, 1.99 meters wide and has been reduced to just under a meter, to 0.99 meters. Imagine: this hypercar is destroying 0 to 100 km / h in 2.17 seconds !!

Forget the current electrification trend with hybrid supercars, like the Ferrari SF90 and other Koenigsegg Jesko, to name a few. Here, the Molsheim company defends it W16, in an old car you can almost say, with its cylinders, pistons, and also its 4 turbochargers constantly blowing.

Bugatti Bolide

But the performance record is even more extraordinary than that: 0-400-0 km / hr, i.e. acceleration up to 400 km / h then braking suddenly stops again, announced at 24.64 seconds. If that doesn’t interest you, then let’s put it in perspective: The Koenigsegg Regera, the title holder in this exercise, did it in 31’49 seconds.

Another shocking figure: Bugatti Bolide announces a Nürburgring rounds in 5 minutes, 23 seconds and the hundredth. That’s 4 seconds faster than the current record holder, the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo, the Le Mans 24 Hours of LMP1 doubles champion, with a time of 5’19”54.

Since we are in numbers, Bugatti talks about a 2.8 G lateral acceleration, and the braking system of particular concern: 4 forged magnesium discs 340 mm at the front and 400 mm at the rear, clamped by 6-piston calipers, each weighing only 2.4 kilos.

Bugatti Bolide
Bugatti Bolide

Form that follows performance

If all the Bugattis produced to date were characterized by unconventional forms, but always guided by the search for beauty, Bolide instead follows the idea of ​​a a form which only follows and exclusively functions. The performance itself prefers to call the Alsatian brand.

Because the efficiency on the track trumps the attractive aesthetic, in order to cut the air with the best possible efficiency, the nose (“horseshoe” grille) is smashed, the air inlet is widened, the rear spoiler has proportions never before seen in the Bugatti. So many elements aim to support the hypercar on the ground, allowing a 1,800 kg of downforce at 320 km / h. Without forgetting the middle fin and a innovative roof air intake !

Bugatti Bolide
Bugatti Bolide

The latter did have a special outer envelope, never seen, deformed which, as speed increases, deforms to reduce aerodynamic drag by up to 10% during high-speed ramps. This also allows a 17% reduction in lift.

Efficiency is also pushed to its paroxysm under the body, with a front “push rod” type shock, inside which is an oil tank for improved aerodynamics.

Flight reference

Finally there is cockpit, who clearly didn’t resemble Chiron at all, or his sister, but who still accommodated 2 persons, placed in an uncomfortable-thin bucket seat – with a carbon fiber shell. Real racing car by itself, comply with all FIA regulations in terms of safety, with automatic fire extinguishing systems and HANS compatibility.

Bugatti Bolide
Bugatti Bolide

The only real stylistic feature of the Bugatti Bolide is its characteristic X-shaped taillights., reminders and a tribute to Bell X-1, the plane which was the first (in 1947) to cross the sound barrier and the ancestor of all the “X planes”, experimental aircraft that were born with the sole purpose of experimenting with new and innovative functions. Just like the Bugatti Bolide.

Bugatti Bolide

Today the concept, and tomorrow?

But what do you really need to understand in this Bugatti Bolide? Is this a concept car for participate in an endurance championship in the LMP1 class? Simple engineering exercises pushed to the limit?

Bugatti’s official answer is: Bolide is the answer to the question “What would happen if Bugatti built a hypercar track, following FIA rules?”

The answer is what you have in front of you, whose future has not yet been decided. And the Molsheim company adds that it has done it still haven’t decided to produce in the (minor) Bolide series. But a photo of a spy rolling prototype still allows us to expect a little more from a simple stylistic study, right?

Bugatti Bolide

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