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blow to the agency

Jean Dujardin in the third season of the series
Jean Dujardin in the third season of the "Ten percent" series. CHRISTOPHE BRACHET / MONVOISIN PRODUCTIONS / MOM / FTV PRODUCTION

France 2, Wednesday November 14 at 9 pm, series

It is feared, for season 3 of Ten percent, which broadcasts France 2 from Wednesday, November 14, "That episodes sacrifice scenarios and secondary intrigue that supports a number of very large names that can pour cabotinage".

The opposite happens in six new episodes of the series created by Dominique Besnehard, a former artistic agent of some of the biggest names in theaters (many of them in casts Ten percent): Characters from some agency members take a more important place this season, while some of the film stars they represent are almost nonexistent.

Thus, two assistants, Noemie and Hervé, who embody typical comedy couples, such as Suzanne and Figaro di Marriage of Figaro (while their head, Matthias, and his wife are Count and Countess de Beaumarchais), taking more light.

Disappointing star actor

The camera also attaches to the "news", Andrea, an unscrupulous agent who becomes a mother after an unpleasant and wet night who sees her sleeping with her boss, farts that she hates yet. Andrea makes a kind of rejection of pregnancy, a reality that her friends are happy to remind, with whom this former hairdresser has settled.

On the other hand, we will acknowledge our disappointment about some star actors who should be subject to a self-deprivation game: Isabelle Huppert, who knows how to play everything, succeeds in his own role, that the workplace conjures up budding day and night.

Isabelle Huppert in the third season of the series
Isabelle Huppert in the third season of the "Ten percent" series. CHRISTOPHE BRACHET / MONVOISIN PRODUCTIONS / MOM / FTV PRODUCTION

When he managed to free himself for several hours from the French shoots and he had to reach the American production set soon, he remembered that he promised Laure Adler to come to his microphone. The funny parody of "French cultural tones" that we hear is then worth seeing.

The tragicomic situation in which Jean Dujardin is unlikely to be trusted, and Julien Doré (already in season 2) did not leave a very vivid memory. Gérard Lanvin, meanwhile, had difficulty trusting the jealousy of an old actor in the face of young beginners whom he still "pushed" …

The runner at the start

The episode dedicated to Beatrice Dalle and Monica Bellucci has more substance and interest. Beatrice Dalle has indicated that she wants her incarnation in the series to approach what she is in reality (we know that certain caricatures played by several actors are sometimes borrowed from others).

Unlike Dalle, "rough form releases" but tactics, Monica Bellucci overwrites her self-deprecating image that she presents (she calls her servant to open the door or makes her sink into the bath). We believe in half, but we laugh when an Italian tries to pretend to be an unknown Bulgarian on the night of a "normal" person, to meet a man who is not intimidated by his image of an inaccessible star …

Two assistants, Noemie and Hervé, who embody typical comedy couples, take more light

Given the first five episodes we have seen, we must admit that Ten percent unable to find spices from certain scenes from the previous season (hilarious duets from Line Renaud and Françoise Fabian, Nathalie Baye and Laura Smet, Julie Gayet and Joey Starr). And we are waiting for Isabelle Huppert to reach the noble cocoon of Juliette Binoche in season 2.

It will be necessary that season 4, which will be the last, find inspiration. We hope that Deneuve, a Depardieu, an Ardant … Dominique Besnehard hinted that Sophie Marceau, who refused to play in the first season, could be on the fourth credit …

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But it will be necessary to calculate without Fanny Herrero, the "show runner" (important gear controller of the series), which is confirmed, in The Sunday Journal November 11, he left the ship, officially because of him "Need a breath to tell another story".

He will be replaced by screenwriters Victor Rodenbach and Vianney Lebasque. Their extraordinary success at Great, in OCS, set the best, but they have to install a few loopholes. Because that would be too sad Ten percent take water and drown when everyone waits for the end of the glow.

Ten percent. season 3, a series made by Fanny Herrero about the idea of ​​Dominique Besnehard, Michel Vereecken, Julien Messemackers. Together with Monica Bellucci, Béatrice Dalle, Julien Doré, Jean Dujardin, Isabelle Huppert, Gérard Lanvin, Assaad Bouab, Camille Cottin, Thibault de Montalembert, Grégory Montel, Liliane Rovère, Nicolas Maury, Laure Calamy, Leroy-Beaulieu, Fanny Sidney (P. , 2018, 6 × 52 minutes).

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