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Auto-brewery syndrome, or how to get drunk without drinking alcohol

An American driver has been arrested by police because alcohol levels are twice as high as allowed, The Independent said. If that man, like many others before him, swears what he has is more expensive than he drinks a drop of alcohol, he is one of the few people who tell the truth.

Taken to hospital for further analysis, the man eventually became a victim of a rare disease, autobrewery syndrome. Disturbed by fungus, the digestive system converts carbohydrates into alcohol. Bacteria can also be a cause of the development of this syndrome, which affects more often obese people, diabetics, or suffer from Crohn's disease.

Also affected by this disease, writes Barbara Cordell My Gut Makes Alcohol! ("My intestines produce alcohol!"), where it returns to the causes and consequences of the syndrome. It takes the medical profession to be more vigilant, this disease is too rarely diagnosed can cause misunderstandings and tragedies.

In 2014, a truck driver suffering from syndrome lost control of his truck, spreading 11,000 salmon on the highway. Recently, an American who suffers from depression, memory problems and the peak of aggression must strive to prove that he does not drink silently, and who consumes high amounts of carbohydrates. responsible for the problem.

Symptoms of alcoholism, without alcohol

One of the problems people with auto-brewing syndrome have is that they have great difficulty proving that they are not alcoholics. Some feel alcohol as if they had just drunk it, and others suffer from nausea and chronic headaches, as if they live in an unlimited party or are permanently drunk.

However, it is possible to live with this disease, provided you treat the bacteria or fungus responsible, to take probiotics or adjust your diet to consume as little carbohydrates as possible.

Barbara Cordell currently leads a group speaking and supporting more than 200 people affected. Since writing his book, he claims to have been contacted by half a thousand men and women saying they suffer from the same type of disease. Although it is currently not possible to provide more precise figures, he seems convinced that the number of victims of the brewing syndrome is much higher than he would like to believe.

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