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aspirin and anti-inflammatory to fight the symptoms

Depression affects or will affect about 20% of French people once in a lifetime according to Inserm. Chinese researchers might have made an important discovery.

Depression will affect about 2 in 10 French people during his lifetime, according to the National Institute of Health and Medical Research. This is why this research was published in Journal of Neurology by researchers from Wuhan University (China) may be important for patient care. According to their research, aspirin and / or ibuprofen can be effective in combating the symptoms depression.

Disease that is difficult to treat

Depression is difficult to treat, because according to, Top Health, 3 out of 10 patients present a depression that will refuse drugs. So how do you help patients whose symptoms are resistant to conventional drug treatments? Researchers at Wuhan University conducted a study based on 30 studies involving 1610 patients, investigating the effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on depression.

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The researchers, through their meta-analysis, compared the effects of anti-inflammatory drugs with placebo on depression. The drugs chosen for this study were aspirin, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and statin. And the results are there, according to the researchers, anti-inflammatory drugs will have an antidepressant effect on patients.

But research about longer duration is required. Indeed, depression is an evolved disease and symptoms can vary, the anti-inflammatory effect must now be tested from time to time.

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