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Air Calédonie International returns one of the new Airbus A330neo to Toulouse

Airbus A330neo presented at the Paris Air Show, 17 June 2019 (POOL / BENOIT TESSIER)

Air Caledonie International (ACI) will return one of two new Airbus A330neo aircraft to Toulouse because of a suspicious odor in the cabin, he said on Friday.

The aircraft began operations on October 4, as part of a renewed fleet of Caledonian companies, which had received in August the first aircraft of the same type.

"The smell of wet socks has repeatedly made crew members uncomfortable during the take-off and down phases," Didier Tappero, general manager of the company, told AFP. He said that the analysis carried out by aircraft had identified oil fumes.

According to an Airbus report sent to the company, measurements made on the aircraft show that the air quality in the cabin is still in standard and in accordance with international guidelines, below the toxicity threshold, also indicated by AIT.

However, blood samples were taken on the flight crew who breathed in this unpleasant odor.

Airbus A330neo has landed for two weeks and in the coming days will join the Airbus workshop in Toulouse after maintenance technicians from European aircraft manufacturers and Rolls Royce, who were sent to Nouméa, were unable "to resolve this problem on an ongoing basis".

"We are working on a solution to solve the odor problem in the cabin of a small number of Airbus A330neo that are operating," Airbus spokesman Sean Lee told AFP. Asia-Pacific Region.

Similar problems will be encountered by airlines in Portugal and Senegal, ACI also said.

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