a slaughterhouse completed by the Ministry of Agriculture after the L214 shock video


EXCLUSIVE – New pictures produced by the Vegan Association showcases cows and goats were cruelly killed at the Boischaut slaughterhouse in Indre. The 2016 site is still under control, which suspends its activity during official investigation.

The cows lie in the blood of their peers, a screaming kid, still a hook, an employee who goes on several occasions before killing cattle. It's hard to go to the end of a new shock video released by vegan L214 over 3 minutes, theand Figaro got a copy. These practices are called "intolerable actions", the Minister of Agriculture and Food Didier Guillaume announced this Saturday on Twitter about the "immediate suspension" of the slaughterhouse concerned. "The fight against the abuse of animals is the priority of the government," he insisted.

The pictures were filmed in the community of Laischre-Sainte-Severe, the multispecies slaughterhouse Indre in Boischau between the end of August and the beginning of September. According to the daily newspaper, 17 employees, certified organic organizations, the "largest cattle slaughterhouse in the Center-Val de Loire region" the New Republic. Despite the recent 1.6 million euro investment to modernize the site, we are witnessing the presence of inappropriate assets and cruel practices. However, this site, like the 268 French slaughterhouse, was completed in the spring of 2016, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture in the French slaughterhouses after the first shock video from L214. Hexagon.

"We are aware that the slaughterhouse must be a very difficult task"

François Daugeron, chairman of the community of La Châtre

In Boischau, despite the fact that checks were reported that the C and D crimes, including the murder, did not seem to have changed two years later. "The overwhelming significance of veterinary services has already been identified by the major non-compliances experienced in the new 2018 survey," said Sebastien Arsac, spokeswoman for L214.

This is unclear between elected officials and local farmers. "Every week I go to Boischau and I've been through the whole chain from scratch to slaughter, but I've never found any bad practice," says Nicolas *, an important cowhide and hog farmer.If these images prove, it would be disadvantageous for the whole industry. "" We are aware that the slaughterhouse must be a very difficult task, "says François Daugeron, president of La Chatre's communal community, video." We have now picked someone responsible for quality to change their practices. "

In the legal field, L214 filed a complaint with Châteauroux's prosecution for "bad treatment and cruelty". At the request of the Prefecture, the alliance requested "immediate closure of the facility" for hygienic reasons. The petition heard by the Minister of Agriculture, who also commissioned the Veterinary Veterinary Investigation Commission to initiate an administrative inquiry. In this context, mandatory installation of video surveillance at the cutting station is more important than ever.

* The name changed.


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