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A pair of "yellow vests" were tried for a fork flight at Fouquet's


Fouquet was damaged, March 16, during mobilization day
Fouquet was damaged, March 16, during the day of the "yellow vest" mobilization in Paris ZAKARIA ABDELKAFI / AFP

On March 16, during the "Act XVIII" of the "yellow vest", Fouquet's, on the Champs-Elysees road, was searched, looted, and partially set on fire. On March 21, Paris police arrived at Ambre and Franck's house in Touraine, and put them in custody. They were accused of stealing benches worth 168 euros, four dessert forks for 7, 80 euros each, and another fork worth 8, 78 euros. And, for the fourth and last time, they appeared Friday, November 15 at the Paris Criminal Court.

"We chased these two people tirelessly, dikan lawyer, Me Arié Alimi, a small couple who have never done anything wrong to anyone, because the public prosecutor needed an example in Fouquet's case. " Because of this slick restaurant image, which became a bling-bling symbol after Nicolas Sarkozy celebrated his victory in 2007, partly destroyed by a blaze, no suspects, no defendants, except Amber, helped the 30-year-old Caregiver, and his 43-year-old successor year, Franck. Both were active at the Tourraine roundabout for several months, it was the second time they had shown in the capital.

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People who came that day to plunder the brewery "With a saw or crowbar", according to the president, not found by Paris parquet. Become a public prosecutor, said M.e Alimi, "Forgiving Victim" to "Symbolic" Fouquet This is Amber's photo with her feces, posted that same night on Facebook, which triggered the procedure, through an anonymous complaint.

Geolocation "for three prongs"

After the first live appearance on March 23, was canceled, and two other trials were postponed due to deformity, the defense opened the trial with a series of applications to cancel the proceedings. Investigators in particular have asked to geolocalize Amber's phone to challenge him.

"We saw it, we saw it shopping at the market, buying green onions, we followed it everywhere in real time, mocking Me Alimi This device is usually used in organized crime. There, it was used for three prongs, and without written permission from the public prosecutor. "

Claims for cancellation are discussed, the case was finally assessed based on ability. This Saturday, the couple, arriving from Tours the day before by car, went to Champs-Elysees starting at ten. And, said the young woman at the bar, "It becomes very rude right away". They moved away from clashes with police, before returning to Champs-Elysee, where Fouquet was searched.

"But why? asked the presidentthere is degradation! "

"Because there was a protest, so I returnedAmber explained at the helm. The aim is to show that we are many. "

They approach the brewery. The President pretends not to understand: "Why did you return to the shop that was looted?" This place represented wealth, Amber answers. The presidents go eat there. I follow. "

"Anyway, it will go to a landfill"

As in the presidential palace after the revolution, the crowd dared to be there, taking selfies, eliminating memories of the uprising that some people, without doubt, dreamed in secret. Meanwhile, Ambre's film and broadcast live on Facebook, this video is projected to the audience. We hear his voice: "We are in Fouquet! We can say that we set foot!".

In the middle of the red curtain, the window was broken, the champagne bucket circulating, branching inside. Before leaving, we must seize a "Poof" according to the president, a "feces According to defense. Is that, in such a context, illegal? This is the core of the problem.

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"I asked the head of security [du Fouquet’s]. make sure Franck is at the helm, "Can we get a fork?" He answered me: "Yes, it will be thrown in the trash anyway" " But that does not approve video. Custody, which was questioned by investigators, denied having made such statements. "And if he admitted to having said that, after giving the object, wouldn't he be immediately dismissed? Of course! He was in a subordinate relationship with Fouquet!" launch Me Alimi to the president.

From the beginning of the trial, the tension between the chief defense attorney and the president was burdened with cues: for Arié Alimi, "The court is trying to save the floor" in that folder a "Any succession", "a symptom of class insults, where people don't pay attention to the procedure because it's about the yellow vest".

"Class Justice"

While reviewing a video about a salt shaker, the president noticed that the defendant had gray boots similar to those seen in his video dated March. "It's the same shoes, I don't have money" Amber immediately replied to the bar.

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Fouquet's – the civilian party in this trial – tried, he, to "Bring this file back to a reasonable proportion". "You acknowledge these facts, understand his advice, Me Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi. Marked flights, period. We must stop justifying the unjustified. " He asked for the symbolic euro damage and interest, insurance has provided compensation. "Nothing in the process I saw the warden telling everyone to use"make the prosecutor rush. On the other side, Amber did not leave her eyes, hands in the eyes of her friend who looked at the ground.

"I don't blame anger, not violence, but aggravated robberies." For this reason, a two-month prison sentence of four months and 70 hours of community service is required.

In the last surge to the Republic of Paris prosecutor, Rémi Heitz, "Who failed to find one person" responsible for Fouquet's degradation, Arié Alimi denounced the law suit "symbolic »Who is at risk of taking customers "Scapegoat", victim "Class justice". "My client has never crossed the threshold of law, and he will never do it. I ask you to relax in the interest of doubt." Judgment is expected on December 4.

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