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A 9-year-old Belgian boy soon graduated in electrical engineering at the university


A young Belgian will become the youngest graduate in the world. At only 9 years old, Laurent Simons is expected to obtain a degree in electrical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, where he studies, reports on the American channel CNN.

Already in July 2018, the boy had obtained an equivalent Belgian bachelor's degree in his hometown of Ostend, when he was only 8 years old. Classic school was too slow for him, Laurent Simons finished high school in just two years thanks to personalized and accelerated teaching.

Outstanding learning speed

With an IQ of 145, Laurent Simons is considered a prodigy. An average IQ is indeed 105, and someone is considered "gifted" from 130 points. Since his teenage years, the boy has spoken four languages ​​and his teacher recognized him as an abnormal photographic memory. He had considered becoming an astronaut or a cardiac surgeon.

"He is the fastest learner I have ever known," said Sjoerd Hulshorf, director of his engineering degree in the Netherlands. "Not only is he super smart, but he's also a very good boy."

"They told us that he was like a sponge," said his father Alexander, a dentist, in the American channel. "He walked very fast, so his teachers gave him extra homework," assured him that he did not know why his son was so precocious and that he and his wife did not push their son into his studies. During an interview on CNN, the couple appeared to be committed to ensuring that the child remained standing on the ground.

"We don't expect anything special"

"We just follow the movement," said Alexander Simons, a little overwhelmed by the ability of his son. "We don't expect anything special from him, he also doesn't enjoy life, and what doesn't work is not because he really wants it, just who he is. Besides working, he also likes to travel, playhe is just a child who enjoys life; even though he read other books than other children"Button.

"He is not a 'bookworm' (a stereotype of someone who is obsessed with intellectual, scientific or computer)," his mother added laughing.

From media outlets around the world who are interested in her son, Lydia Simons is happy to say that Laurent owes her ability to the fact that she "ate a lot of fish during her pregnancy".

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