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Twitter says it now removes half of all abusive tweets before users report it

Twitter says more than 50 percent of tweets identified as harassment are now marked by their automatic moderation tool first and deleted before users report it. Improvements in the machine learning model to identify problematic tweets enable faster moderation, Twitter said.

Destroying rude tweets has become a continuing goal of Twitter. The company regularly talks about how "one of our highest priorities is to improve the health of public conversation on Twitter," as reported in its income statement today. Continuous harassment has made Twitter an unpleasant place for many long-standing and very active users, so its ability to reduce malicious actors is crucial for the use and growth of site users.

Twitter says its auto-tagging has grown from 43 percent of all cruel tweets in the last quarter and 38 percent in the previous quarter. To be clear: this does not represent any rough tweets on Twitter – only tweets that Twitter eventually deletes as rude. Troubled Tweets that are skipped by Twitter or ultimately chosen not to be deleted will not be counted, while incorrect tweets are deleted like abuse.

That is an important warning, but Twitter at least wants us to think that these numbers represent an increase in overall moderation. Twitter said that it also sent more marked tweets to human moderators for review and that the reviews had taken place "more proactive and faster than before." The more abusive content was also totally removed.

As said in the past, Twitter continues to recognize that it has more work to do with harassment and that the aim is to reduce the "burden of victims of abuse" and to take "action before abuse is reported."

The moderation figures come in Twitter's latest earnings report, which also saw the company report adding 6 million new daily users during the third quarter. Twitter now has 145 million daily users, up from 124 million this time a year ago and 139 million last quarter.

User growth has been a big struggle for Twitter over the past few years, and today's numbers at least show that it continues to head in the right direction. They don't tell the full story, though: to date, Twitter has revealed how much monthly it has users, not daily users, and that number has shrunk for a year until early 2019.

Even though the amount of Twitter's daily usage is much brighter, they are still quite small. Snapchat now has 210 million users every day, and at the beginning of this year, Instagram had 500 million people who only use Stories every day.

Apart from generally positive user numbers, Twitter shares took a serious blow to today's earnings report, with stock prices down nearly 20 percent before the market opened. Twitter was profitable again, but the company only reached $ 44 million, almost lost guidance and fell from $ 92 million in the same quarter last year. Earnings of $ 824 million also fell near the bottom of Twitter's projections.

Twitter says a number of things are wrong because revenue is weaker than expected, including bugs that limit its ability to target advertisements and share data with advertisers. Bloomberg said reporter Kurt Wagner Twitter's ability to target and measure advertisements dropped significantly after the company stopped using data for advertisements that users didn't give companies permission to use, as has been done in some cases for about a year. That mistake is disclosed in August.

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