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Man City boss Pep Guardiola explains why he likes managing in England

Pep Guardiola has taken his first award of the season and then claims managing in England is "a dream come true."

Manchester City boss Guardiola broke a series of records last season on their journey to the Premier League title and he has been honored by the Football Writers Association.

But after passing the landmark in the Etihad hot seat for 1,000 days, Guardiola has turned his sights on surpassing last season's achievements.

Ordering the current Speed ​​City champions after 11 matches will make them finish with 100 points and with a goal difference plus 100 (114 goals, 14 conceded).

This is an amazing match that shows how difficult it is for them to stop and Leroy Sane also insists that Guardiola's never-ending quest for perfection means the players will be pushed to the limit.

Pep Guardiola leads Manchester City to the Premier League title

Guardiola, who won 32 of City's 38 matches last season and set a new record, said after receiving the award: "I am fortunate to be here in your country, in England.

"This is amazing, it is a dream of a young child for a young manager to come here to your country and become a manager here. This is a dream come true.

"I want to share, of course, this award with the whole family of Manchester City because I know it's a real family.

"I know people say we have a lot of money, that's true, but even though it's amazing the people who work with me and I are lucky people to be here.

"Thank you very much for making me feel at home in your country here and in Manchester."

Guardiola attended the ceremony on Sunday night

Guardiola, who made a joke about the fact that he was wearing jeans, T-shirts and coaches for a luxurious FWA dinner, went straight after getting an award to prepare himself for training just hours after 6-1 broke down the city of Southampton.

Despite the impressive scoreline, Guardiola was far from happy with the elements of City's performance and Sane admitted that managers were people who were hard to please but hunger pushed them all.

Sane said: "In our team, we have good character players who always want to win, always hungry, always want to improve, score, provide assists and have clean sheets. Everyone can improve, all the time, in various aspects.

"And we have a coach who keeps telling us that we need to improve, improve, make more clean sheets, make fewer mistakes, and be more careful. That made us very hungry to win the match and score a lot of goals.

The Spaniard explained why he liked him in England

"This is a great power for us that anyone can score, and we have that hunger. But we also have the hunger to give each other help, it makes things easier. "

Sane also stressed the need for City to maintain their level on a difficult week because they are in the Champions League on Wednesday and the Manchester derby next Sunday.

He added: "It's hard to keep concentrating, especially when you are so much above. You must focus and start from the beginning.

"We really want to win this one so we can be alone at the top of the table, because Liverpool lose points. But you have to focus, because one mistake can give them a goal.

"But I always enjoy myself. Playing with these players under this coach is a really good feeling and everyone can see us enjoying everything together, playing with each other. It's fun playing with this team. "

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