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A little Grinchy, a little Scroogey, and a lot of fun.

The Kelowna Theater Society presents Carol Christmas at the Mary Irwin Theater, November 22 – December 2.

You might be familiar with Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol's classics, but you've never seen it like this. This adaptation by Peter Bloedel is full of rhymes and noise.

You will see all the characters you loved before in a fun new way, like hip-hop ghost Jake Marley, young rock star Scrooge, and Christmas Ghosts – Past, Present and Future – all more cool than in 1843.

Christmas songs have been given flexible new lyrics, such as "Deck the Halls and Lets Be Stingy," "Scrooge is Cheap Are You Listenin," "Have A Juicy Seuse Christmas," and "The Most Despicable Time of the Year."

Players range in age from nine to 73.

"This is a beautiful blend of the two iconic chirstmas that we have lived in," said director Brian Haigh.

The opening night (November 22) will be the seat of "pay based on contributions".

The show time is 7 nights November 22-24 and November 29-Dec 1, with matinee at 2 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets are $ 25 for adults, $ 10 for children, or $ 60 for families with four people. They are available at the Rotary Center for the Arts box office, 250-717-5304 or


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Hailey Baldwin has changed her family name to Bieber on social media.

The 21-year-old model seems to confirm he married Justin Bieber by changing the grip of his Instagram to Hailey Rhode Bieber on Friday.

His new name appeared after he submitted the name of his marriage last month.

For clothing lines, Hailey registered her maiden name, moniker Hailey Bieber, and HRB3 – a combination of her middle name, Rhode, and her mother's maiden name, Deodato – under her company, Rhodedeodato Corp.

Hailey and popstar Justin have yet to confirm reports showing they tied the knot in September, but they have referred to each other as "husbands" and "wives."

Rumors that the couple, engaged in July, were married were triggered after they were seen visiting a courthouse in Manhattan.

Hailey returned speculation at the time, insisting he was still unmarried, but a source told reporters at Entertainment Tonight that they would hold a more formal wedding for family and friends later this year.

"Justin and Hailey want to get married, and don't want to wait. They are still planning to have a more formal marriage, but for them, this intimate ceremony is exactly what they want," the insider said.

Hailey recently stepped out wearing a jacket with a "Bieber" decorated behind in New York City, and she couldn't help but overwhelm her lover in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

"He's amazing," the blonde star smiled. "He destroyed everything. Every song, every feature. It's crazy to see what he does … I'm always fascinated."

November 17, 2018/3:19 noon | Story:

Veteran soul and R & B Lionel Richie has teased back into the country music chart by stating he is working on "something surprising."

Icon Hello previously handled the genre with his album, Tuskegee, in 2012, transforming some of his biggest hits as a country collaboration with people like Willie Nelson, Darius Rucker, and Blake Shelton.

Now Lionel reveals that he will soon be offering new material for fans, who are eager to hear more country-pitched songs from great music.

"They kept asking me repeatedly … Often times, people try to make things (rumors) to make it happen," he laughed at The Tennessean. "But I got it from the state radio: & # 39; When will you do it? & # 39;

"So let's (don't) play around. Let your ears open. This will be something surprising."

Lionel, who helped bring Entertainer of the Year honors at the 2018 CMA Awards on Wednesday night in Nashville, Tennessee, stopped presenting specific details about the project, but revealed he was a big fan of Chris Stapleton.

"I call him, & # 39; Mr. Stapleton, & # 39; because he keeps calling me a legend. So I have to give him a title," he smiled.

Another country star he must know well is Luke Bryan, his colleague rated the rebooted American Idol talent show, which has urged the 69-year-old singer to buy a pad in Nashville, but so far, Lionel has refused.

"I said, & # 39; No, Luke, this city isn't big enough for both of us! & # 39;" He insinuated.


November 16, 2018 / 2:54 pm | Story:

Actor Ezra Miller has surrendered to a monogamous relationship, instead choosing to be part of a polyamorous sex group.

The League of Justice Stars are open to men and women dating and, after many failed relationships and broken hearts, he now satisfies his sexual appetite with a number of partners, called polikule. This group consisted of people he met all the time, as well as members of his band, Sons of an Illustrious Father, but his membership was selective.

"I tried to find strange creatures who understood me as a strange person outside the bat, which I made almost like a family connection, and I felt like I married them 25 past lives from the moment we met," he told Playboy magazine. "And then they are in the squad – policule. And I know they will love everyone on the polycule because we are in the curriculum, and we love each other very much."

Ezra became aware of his sexuality at a young age and began to feel an interest in boys when he was in kindergarten. In elementary school, he experimented sexually, and revealed that he and a boy who had relations with relying on Playboy and the Kama Sutra book as a guide.

"We will stomp at each other as we interact with those things in various ways, actually," he said.

However, sex is not always a big focus for 26-year-old men: "Sometimes I don't have sex for a very long time because lack of sex is as important as me as sex," he added.

November 16, 2018 / 7:01 a.m. | Story:

Pregnant Amy Schumer has confirmed reports she was in hospital, revealing she was struggling with extreme morning sickness.

The comedian and actress canceled the show in Dallas, Texas after falling ill last night on Wednesday, and now she has been taken to social media to apologize to fans.

Posting a photo of him in the hospital, he revealed he had struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum.

"Texas, I'm very sorry," he gave a photo stamp. "I'm really looking forward to this event. I have to reschedule.

"I'm at the hospital. I'm fine. Babies are fine, but everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better off not telling the full story. I'm even more sick in this trimester."

"I have hyperemesis and it blows," he continued. "It's fortunate to be pregnant but this is nonsense ** T! Sending so much love to doctors and nurses who are very attentive to me … They're so cool! And Texas I'm really sorry and I'll be out there as soon as I'm over well. "

Earlier this month, Schumer said Entertainment Tonight had been "very difficult" so far, but last week he posted a video of him responding to seeing his baby's kick on a sonogram.

"God, it's moving around," he exclaimed. "My God. Look, it has so much energy, that's why I vomit every day. God."

Amy was last in hospital in April for severe kidney infection and spent five days under doctor's care.

He announced the news that he and his nine-month husband, Chris Fischer, were expecting their first child together at the end of last month.

November 16, 2018 / 6:59 in the morning | Story:

Kim Porter, mother of three rap children mogul Diddy, died at the age of 47.

The model and actress were found dead at her home in Toluca Lake, near Los Angeles, on Thursday.

Sources said TMZ emergency services were called to his home after reports of a heart attack.

A representative told Page Six, "Sadly, I can confirm the death of Kim Porter. I ask you to give privacy to the family at this time."

Porter, who dated rap bosses and businessmen for 13 years and was inactive from 1994 to 2007, was the mother of their 12-year-old twins, Jessie James and D & # 39; Lila and Christian son, 20 years.

She is also the recording mother of child producer Al B. Sure, Quincy.

Comb has three other children – the sons of Quincy Brown, 27, Justin, 24, and daughter Chance, 12 with ex-Misa Hylton-Brim and Sarah Chapman.

He and Porter first ended their relationship in 1999 and fought in court over payment of child support for Christians. They reunited in 2003 after Combs ended his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

He once blushed about the mothers of his children in People magazine, stating, "I am the luckiest person in the world … I am truly blessed to have a great and extraordinary relationship that has given me these children by them the very strong, intelligent and beautiful black woman. "

"The mothers of my children are my good friends. My hat goes to them," he added.

Full details about Porter's death have not been released, but sources claim he has just fallen ill with pneumonia.

November 16, 2018 / 6:57 | Story:

Rapper Nelly has been hit with a new sexual assault suit.

Earlier this year, an unknown woman entered a court statement under an assumed name & # 39; Jane Doe 2 & # 39 ;, accused Hot in Herre's aide of forcing her to verbally enjoy her backstage after a concert in Essex, England in December, 2016. Jane Doe 2 was issued a legal statement as part of a previous Monique Green civil suit, which she launched after a criminal case against Nelly was dropped in December.

Revealing that he and his friends are paying to take a photo with Nelly on his show in Essex, Jane Doe 2 claims he then asks him and his entourage to stay behind to chat backstage, before driving him to a small, dark room nearby. Once he and Nelly were alone, he suspected he had started the attack.

The woman then claims Nelly masturbates in front of her and forces her to have oral sex on her.

"The defendant Nelly put her right hand behind her head and left hand on her shoulder and forced her head to push the erect penis into her mouth," the lawsuit said Wednesday. "This is sexual abuse. Jane Doe was really shocked. Once she thought she was in position, Defendant Nelly let go of her shoulder. Jane Doe jumped back, twisted and fell back to the bathroom curtain. She could get out of the bathroom. "

Jane Doe also accused Nelly of threatening her by saying, "I'll find you," when he ran away.

He did not immediately report the alleged incident, but has since spoken to police officers.

Jane Doe 2 was looking for unspecified damage and also chased Nelly's girlfriend Shantel Jackson for defamation after he called the accuser a "liar" on social media.

Nelly hasn't commented on the lawsuit, according to The Blast.

Meanwhile, 44 years completed his lawsuit with Greene, who accused him of rape after the alleged incident on his tourbus, in September.

November 16, 2018 / 6:56 | Story:

Jenna Board responded to claims that her new boyfriend Channing Tatum's husband, Jessie J, looked like him.

Stars Step Up, who shared Everly's five-year-old daughter, announced they were separated after nine years of marriage in April, and Jenna has since moved with Shameless actor Steve Kazee while Channing is rumored to be dating singer Price Tag.

When new romantic rumors made headlines in October, social media users began comparing Jenna and Jessie and commenting on how similar they were, but the 37-year-old proved that he didn't have a strong feeling about it by responding to fans on his Instagram. comment.

"FIRST OF ALL … every time I hear & # 39; s striking resemblance with Jessie J and Jenna Dewan, my only thought is ummmmm no (laughing emoji) not even close," the user wrote under the clasp Jenna posted earlier this week. see Baby2Baby Gala.

"And I don't have horses in the race, but your gf (girlfriend) is untouched. Just trying to spread positive vibrations, keep on doing you … to the absolute outsiders of a small city do it impartially (sic)."

The former World of Dance host responded by writing to users, "positive vibrations along the way" by blowing kiss emojis.

Jenna recently told news outlets that she was "very happy" with her new relationship, while actor 21 Jump Street had not confirmed she was dating Jessie. However, the British singer was seen supporting him at the launch of the Magic Mike Live show in London at the weekend and he attended the show at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday night.

He even shared pictures from shows on social media and whispered in the title, "This woman just poured her heart to the stage at the Royal Albert Hall. Whoever was there had to witness something special. Wow. She left tonight!"

November 16, 2018 / 6:54 | Story:

Cardi B has no plans to change the style of her signature section now she is a mother.

The I Like It rapper is famous for his passionate clothes, but he has no plans to cover up after giving birth to his daughter, Kulture, whom he shares with her husband, Migos Star Offset, in July.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet at the launch of the Nova X Cardi B Fashion collaboration on Wednesday night, the hit killer Bodak Kuning insisted that the mother would not change her style.

"Not at all," he said to ET. "I don't feel I have to change my style because I have a baby."

The rap superstar dressed modestly in a gray checkered jacket and matching mini skirt from the collection, paired with a white crop top, before changing to a red latex bodysuit to appear on the show.

"I feel the only time I have to change my style is if I give birth to my baby," he smiled. "Like, no, I don't want to use a god damn and walk with my baby. But I don't feel like I have to change."

The 26-year-old claimed he was nervous about the reaction to the collection, which included a red imitation crocodile leather jacket, an oversized biker jacket and a long burgundy burgundy fur coat.

"I know this is a little different and I know people don't expect what I will drop," explained the rapper. "So I hope it's good. I'll see so many people, so many celebrities, so it's like oh snappity, snap, snap!"

Celebrities including Iggy Azalea and Khloe Kardashian were launched at the Los Angeles nightclub Boulevard3, and Cardi shared that he was grateful for his support.

"When other women show love for each other, and they don't know how much that means to me," he said. "One day they might need a kidney and I might give it to you and I hardly drink, so I might be good."

November 16, 2018 / 6:52 a.m. | Story:

Iggy Azalea has claimed TV rapper / personality Bhad Bhabie tried to fight him at a party in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The Fancy rapper hit the red carpet at the Fashion Nova x Cardi B event, and during the party he shared a video showing a long, wet blonde wig on one side, and he claimed Bhad Bhabie, Danielle Bregoli's real name, threw water on it.

Referring to Bregoli's beginning as a guest on the TV show Dr. Phil in 2016, when he became famous because the phrase "give me money outside, how about that?" Iggy wrote in the video caption, "So Dr. fil girl really pisses me off and thinks I'm going to fight a small child ?!"

At the end of the night, when he was on his way home from the event, Iggy, 28, explained to his fans that he would not fight with a 15-year-old child.

"I found that this little girl had made a name for her to act stupid on television and online, but I was an adult," he said. "I won't waste my energy on that, or fight with kids at the club … you look ridiculous, I won't hang around the floor for 15 years – old girl on the Internet.

"I have to laugh. I don't know, I just think people want a bad influence. Good luck with your career, you are young, you will look back on this and you will really feel stupid."

Bhabie gave her own version of the show, writing on her Instagram story that Iggy approached him as if they were friends even though he had shaded it on the Internet.

The Australian star then gave a detailed account on Twitter, writing, "I really stood there taking pictures wide open with no security. Feeling water was thrown at my wig. Turning around and seeing all these people grumbling and shouting – I thought there was a fight in that part, I was confused as a f ** k about what was happening.

"I stood there and never moved in the slightest. That was some holding me back false against the vibrations of reality TV. Then he was escorted out … If anyone exposes himself as a fake about life because he has every opportunity to hit me "I didn't know he was there. Instead he threw drinks from behind his friends / security. "

The New Theater of Kelowna Vintage explores the ancient question "what if?" in the new one-round drama In One Night.

This drama is present at Studio 100 at the Rotary Center for Art 22-24 and November 28-30.

In One Night explore what happened when two ex-lovers reunited by chance for one night together.

They talk about what's wrong, and what life will be like if they stay together.

This is the world premiere by artistic director Bonnie Gratz.

Serial Once or Before Sunrise fans with Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply will love this new work about simplicity among complications of love.

In One Night featuring Elana Bizovie, Graham Daley, Melanie Eccles, Scott Hilder, Kevin Morrison, Chuck Pereen, Tamie Williams, and Blake Wilkins.

Tickets are $ 20, and are available via email at [email protected] or at the door.

November 15, 2018 / 6:45 | Story:

Chris Stapleton and Keith Urban are big winners at the 2018 CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday night.

Urban took the coveted Entertainer of the Year prize, while Stapleton was a triple-hit winner of Broken Halos singer / songwriter who scored the Single and Song of the Year awards, and Chris was also selected as the Male Vocalist of the Year.

Co-host pregnant Carrie Underwood, who showed off her baby's stomach throughout the ceremony, took the award of the Vocalist Woman of the Year, and Old Dominion was hailed by the Vocal Group of the Year.

Garth Brooks opened the event by dedicating awards to victims of the Borderline Bar & Grill massacre last week in Thousand Oaks, California. During the silence, the names of 12 country music fans who lost their lives crossed the screen on the stage.

List of winners:

Entertainer of the Year: Keith Urban

Single of the Year: Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton

The Best Male Vocalist of the Year: Chris Stapleton

Best female vocalist of the year: Carrie Underwood

Vocal Duo This Year: Brother Osborne

New Artist of the Year: Luke Combs

Vocal Group This Year: Old Dominion

Album of the Year: Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves

Song of the Year: Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton

This year's Music Show: Everything Will Be Alright by David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney

Best Music Video of the Year: Marry Thomas Rhett

Musician of the Year: Mac McAnally

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