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Everyday Artificial Intelligence Applications That Affect Your Daily Life

Artificial intelligence is here. Or better than that it's been here for a while. If you have been waiting for some AI revolutions of grandeur to appear and the Skynet war begins, the good news is that it hasn't started … yet. Artificial intelligence has changed the world, shaped your everyday life for the better.

AI has helped improve our entertainment, help doctors diagnose life-threatening diseases, enhance our gaming experience, and even usher in a new era in art. No wonder you might not be able to go a few days without hearing about the danger, benefits, and potential of an existential crisis that comes with the world with AI in it.

Today, rather than frightening you makes no sense and talks about how even technology leaders Elon Musk and Bill Gates feared AI and the problems it could cause. We will focus on how AI exists in your life and the lives of millions of people around the world, adding value. But, first of all, before we get into it, let's quickly refresh.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

So, let's go back to the basics, what is Artificial Intelligence? AI is a field of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. However, we generally categorize AI into 3 fields: narrow, general, and super artificial intelligence.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence or Weak AI already exists throughout the world and in our daily lives; a system that uses big data and algorithms to beat you in chess, automate the process or even manage your Facebook page. Yes, this system may not be able to pass the Turing test, but our daily lives, the financial system, and even infrastructure have relied heavily on this type of AI.


The next step is Artificial General Intelligence. Thank God, we haven't arrived. This type of AI will be a system that can think as well as we. We are around 30-40 years from this. The key point to take from this AI form is that he will learn and improve himself; student trial and error.

Finally and perhaps the coolest (scariest), occurs when AI increases itself to a level that exceeds its human creator. This is Artificial Super Intelligence. Although some argue that we may never reach this level on the AI ​​scale, most will agree that this is very possible. Artificial Super Intelligence is what you see in one of your favorite science fiction films.

Now, let's see how we use AI in our daily lives.


Everyday Artificial Intelligence Applications That Affect Your Daily Life
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Let's start with the device that you use every day, your smartphone. At this point, it's safe to assume that you and everyone in your inner circle have a smartphone. And, whether you realize it or not, you interact with AI every day. From the application, you download to your own integrated phone software, each of these tools has several layers of AI woven into its function.

Built-in smart assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, or Bixby use AI to understand you and to complete the tasks you recommend. Some applications that you use such as Spotify, Netflix, or Apple Music take advantage of a weak AI to perfect your listening experience, even recommend perfect songs.

Even when you use your favorite portrait mode to take perfect photos on a single-lens iPhone XR for Instagram, you use AI to create that effect. More interesting features such as a mixture of reality are all also feasible because of artificial intelligence.

Smart Houses and Devices

Our home has become much smarter and you can thank artificial intelligence for that. The problem is, our homes will only become smarter. Smart speakers and smart devices learn about our behavior from time to time with the aim of making our lives far more comfortable. The time will come soon, or maybe it's already here when your home will know you better than yourself.

With AI as the driving force, your home will be able to predict when you want to eat, the temperature of your room of choice, when to turn on and turn off the lights in your home, when to order food, etc.

Transportation and Delivery

This might be one of the clearer examples. The emergence of autonomous vehicles can be associated with, yes, you can guess, AI. Companies like Tesla have brought the reality of vehicles that can drive themselves to the forefront of culture. However, responsibility does not just stop. The way you start working whether it is via bus or train can be fully autonomous. In fact, many companies like GE and Toyota rely on it.

And don't forget that the way you receive the package is set to change too. Amazon and Walmart have invested in autonomous drone delivery programs.

Social media

You use social media every day, maybe a little too much. Even though there are many controversies around it, AI does influence what you do, click, see, and interact with on social media. AI takes all of your past experiences, web search, interactions, and everything you do and adjusts your social media experience only to you. In fact, this also makes your social media much more addictive.

Video game

You might play games several hours every day. Interestingly, AI not only makes the game more interesting, but also allows the process to make games easier and open to creators. Google and Nvidia are working on an extraordinary developer tool that is solely driven by strong AI.

Banking and Finance

From trading stocks in nanoseconds or making recommendations for the best long-term investments, AI runs the financial and banking industry. Even when you chat with your bank's customer service, there is a high chance you are talking with an AI chatbot. However, AI is ready to change the way we invest in financial outlets.

Navigation and Travel

So you might drill it in your head at this point that AI infiltrates almost every part of your life. If you think traveling will make you safe and free from your AI master, then you are wrong. Whether you use Google or Apple Maps, call Uber for your friends, or book flight tickets, AI is there to help you fully.

Do you see a future where AI does not affect our daily lives? In what ways do you see artificial intelligence changing your life every day? Or in the near future? Leave your comment below.

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