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Bardera Flood Rapid Needs Assessment, October 2019 – Somalia


• Rainy season 'Deyr' started in October 2019 with heavy rain leading to flooding in the Bardera district. These extreme weather conditions have affected IDP, agro-herding and camps
river communities in the same district for the past two weeks.

• Flooding has been exacerbated by heavy rains at the top of the Ethiopian highlands, causing the overflow of the Juba river. Flood waters have destroyed crops and agricultural land,
which is now inaccessible.

• Other districts in the Gedo region along the Juba River were also affected by flooding, such as Burdhubo and Luuq, located 120 km and 190 km from Bardera, respectively. This flood shows
the highest intensity in the region for the past two years.

• Floods have hit most of the town of Bardera and its surrounding lowlands. Affected people move to higher ground and need humanitarian assistance.

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