Zamalek will face Al-Ahly on December 28 at the top of the first round of the General League


Zamalek’s match against Al-Ahly will take place on December 28 at the Burj Al Arab Stadium, in the fourth round of the Premier League tournament, at exactly seven thirty in the evening.

Zamalek, under the leadership of Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, is currently preparing to compete in the new season, where the Whites will meet their fellow Arab Contractors in the first round of the English Premier League competitions for the 2020-2021 season, announced by the Football Association Competition Committee. The ball, starting December 11, where he is looking for. The sons of the dead hindered the start of the league competition in a strong way to reconcile the masses after the end of the previous season, by taking second place in the Premier League ranking table, where Al-Ahly won his title, in addition to the Egyptian Cup farewell, which Al-Abyad holds. title from last season, by losing to the front row of soldiers in the last half of the local Championship.

National Bank club officials refused to get the services of Omar Al-Saeed, the striker of Zamalek’s team, because the White Department set 5 million pounds to settle the player’s permanent departure, and Omar Al-Saeed has recently been infected with the Coronavirus, and Al-Abyad is waiting for recovery players over the next few days to get back to regularity in team training. white.

While Zamalek officials wanted to reassure the players of the next stage, the session that brought together White Club management and team players witnessed confirmation from Counselor Mohamed Attia, Commissioner of the Department of Football Affairs, to the players that there are a series of special prizes set to win in five. the first match of the Premier League championship. And these prizes will be given out in cash in the dressing room immediately after the end of each match, to motivate the players to achieve the strongest breakthroughs in the League Championship, in addition to ensuring that player dues will be disbursed tomorrow, Monday, and no later than tomorrow, Tuesday.


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