Saturday , October 23 2021

We are not in coffee … Defects


In Art: Artist Mohamed Sobhi wrote to artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi about his efforts in art and in the formation of a group of theater actors.

On Saturday night, Mohammed Sobhi took part in the "Every Day" program, which was broadcast on the channel "ONE". He also discussed several topics related to theater, including the experience of artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi with the Egyptian Theater.

Sobhi stressed that he was the first person to congratulate Ashraf Abdel Baqi about what he offered for theater, especially at the time chosen by him and the difficulties he faced. He said to him: "It's not a shame that you sketched on stage." But it's a shame that you can't control them. Coffee ".

Sobhi said through dialogue he gave the public a large number of artists who had become stars at the scene now and reached 277 artists.

Sobhi also points out that an Arab figure objected to the naming of the theater Ashraf Abdel Baqi as "the Egyptian Theater" on the grounds that what was presented was not the only theater facade in Egypt.

And that true art must contain messages and not just entertainment, and that a large number of artists prefer to sit in their homes to do work that is not suitable for them and the community.

Mohammed Sobhi recently performed his most famous game, which he named "Khaybtna", which he wrote and directed. He starred in the participation of his theater group, which was followed by competent artists Samira Abdel Aziz.

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