Tuesday , July 27 2021

Video: Division of petroleum materials: launch of 59 "Plus" gasoline starting next December at current prices

Hossam Arafat, head of the oil product division, stressed that the Ministry of Petroleum had decided "Gasoline Plus" was launched at the beginning of next month at all government gas stations. Gasoline Plus has been at a foreign gas station for 4 months with the same gasoline price of 95%.

He explained during a telephone conversation with the Al-Youm channel that the decision to place 95-plus gasoline at a government station came as a result of leaving 95 citizens and buying 95-plus gasoline from foreign stations operating in Egypt at the same price.

He continued early next month that «95» benzene would be canceled and replace it with «95 Plus» gasoline, and put it on all stations working in Egypt to achieve the principle of equal opportunity and serving citizens.

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Source: crescent today

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