The Pharmacist Council calls for the circulation of drugs based on scientific names


The General Pharmacist Board Member & # 39; agreed during today's meeting to reject the decision of the Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Hala Zayed, to change the registration policy for drugs.

Dr. Mustapha El Wakil, pharmacist agent, said that taking drugs under scientific name is a solution in all problems faced by the Egyptian drug market. He asked: Why are we the only Arab country that does not have a scientific name and is controlled by the brand name of the drug? Aren't people at bauxite making drugs that are currently being used on them?

He pointed out that the national pharmaceutical industry must be safeguarded not to stimulate importers. He pointed out that the decision to open a fund would prevent distributed companies from taking drugs, which would put us in disaster and there would be binding obligations to the company distributed. binding.

Dr Ayman Atman, Secretary General of the Syndicate, said that according to previous trends from Egyptian pharmacists, Egyptians should be relaxed and ask the Ministry of Health to issue decisions in support of the Egyptians.

He added that the decision would increase the price of drugs, shortages and finished drugs and harm Egyptians, while the syndicate stood beside citizens.

Dr Ehab Kaldes, chairman of the industry committee, said the decision should support the Egyptians. He wondered how the Ministry of Health would decide on pharmacists without union participation.

He asked the Ministry of Health to issue a statement about drugs that were approved and did not download the Egyptian market, stressed that there was a market not for drugs, and professional medicine files had sold millions of pounds, and that decision would result in the exploitation of more eyes hard money and price increases as a result of supply and demand.

Dr Mohammed Al-Abd, head of the pharmacist committee at the Pharmacist Syndicate, said that if the Minister of Health's decision to open funds for drug addicts would put public sector medicines "a cure for the poor" in a real crisis.

He added that there were many disadvantages in this decision, which were not studied, because the application would allow the dissemination of imported drugs in Egyptian times in catastrophic ways, at varying prices, which would remove Egyptian products, noting that as long as the drug's trade name was dominant in the market will have a real crisis, that there is no pharmacy to bear how many drugs will drop the market if the bladder is opened.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Doma, chair of the media committee of the Syndicate of Pharmacists, said that we must ratify union laws, especially the second article, which talks about the purpose of unions in accordance with the laws of construction, and when we talk about contributing to giving drugs to people and various pharmaceutical projects. We must follow up on the Ministry of Health's decision at the opening of the Box, indicating that the Pharmacist Syndicate aims to maintain the reputation of Egyptian medicine.


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