Sleep is prohibited, a child faces the most difficult choice between alertness or death



ABU DHABI – A one-year-old English boy is a rare condition that makes him sleep as a frightening threat to his life.

Charlie Wagstaff is infected with a congenital central tingling syndrome, or "undead curse," a rare disease that only infects 1,000 people worldwide.

This disease affects the way the central nervous system controls the breathing process, so it is necessary for the child to wear a mask attached to an artificial respiratory device every time he falls asleep.

In this disease, Charlie's central nervous system fails to regulate his breathing properly when he sleeps, which means he does not respond to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood, which will stimulate healthy people to breathe.

Since Charlie was discharged from hospital at the age of 4 months, his caregiver must carefully monitor the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in his blood every time he sleeps.

Charlie's friends launch an e-mail to raise money to buy a new mask made specifically to fill Charlie's face, because his mask is currently stopping the development of his face, leaving a small head abnormality, reports the Daily Mail.

The aim is to increase the amount that Charlie can travel with his parents to Denmark, where the doctor will develop a mask that allows his face to grow normally, but the campaign has managed to collect more than expected amount of money.


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