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Ramy Gamal promised his wife: «I am in your heart during the same thing»


Mostafa El Jeddawi

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Tuesday November 6 2018 – 11:09 PM
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Tuesday November 6 2018 – 11:09 PM

Ramy Gamal, his wife, Nariman, promised that he would remain by his side to become the most successful woman in the cosmetics field.

Rami, through his account on Instagram, published a photo of his wife, commenting: "I am in your midst and I suffer for a long time, and I have not seen anything but I am the most successful in the field of beauty in Egypt."

Jamal promised his wife jokingly: "The singer promised Dean."

It is worth mentioning that the album "Layalina" is Ramy Gamal's latest work, which includes 17 songs, and collaborates with a large number of poets and composers including Ayman Bahgat Amar, Nader Abdullah, Amir Taima, Tamer Hussein, Thomas, Nader Hamdi, and Dan Tamim.

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