Thursday , May 6 2021

Mohamed Salah raised the slogan without resting during his vacation

Mohammed Salah, who is a member of the Liverpool Club of England, took a short leave of absence in Dubai, UAE, after the match against Tunisia in the African Nations Cup qualifier, which ended in a 3-2 victory. To give his country three dear points.

Egyptian professional star at Liverpool club Mohammed Salah has published a picture of himself during gymnastics in the Gym, where a vacation for world stars does not mean that he will not do daily sports.

Mohamed Salah did exercise during his vacation

LONDON (Reuters) – Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, a professional at Liverpool, has asked fans around the world to vote for the 2018 African Footballer of the Year award.

Mohamed Salah, Egyptian star, Liverpool FC, Calido Coulibaly, Napoli and Italian defender Mehdi Benatia, Juventus defender Sadio Mani, Liverpool FC and Atletico Madrid team Thomas Barty.

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