Learn about the system and benefits of prepaid electricity meters


The Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Dr. Mohamed Shaker has provided a copy of the new pre-paid metering guidance prepared by the Ministry, which informs citizens of the Talaat El-Sewedy Engineer, led by the Energy and Environment Committee of the Assembly..

This guide includes the advantages and benefits of a prepaid system, in particular the easy setting of the weighing scales through the card, the warning in low balance, the protection against manipulation, the loss of flow, the holidays, the next morning at ten o'clock.

The number of handheld prepay features, including the data exchange between the counter and the energy manager, collects all the invoices in advance, does not require a numerator and collector.

Monitor this manual The most important features of prepaid accounts for customers:

1 – Reducing mutual trust between customers and electricity distribution companies due to scouts and collectors' complaints.

2 – Check the consumption of electricity and thus reduce the value of the invoice, which allows customers to monitor consumption and rationalization.

3 – High accuracy in calculating energy consumption as the meter is electronic.

4. Customers enjoy the same prices and consumption segments.

5- When the card is loaded, the separation period is between 17:00 and 10:00 the next day and on the day of collection and holidays. In all cases, depreciation should be recorded when the goods are renewed.

6 – Allows the customer to determine the amount of electricity he / she wants to buy potentially.

7 – Proud of the client's office with modern scientific methods.

8 – reduce the problems between tenant and tenant.


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