Learn about daily habits that protect against the risk of breast cancer


The researchers found in a new study that daily habits followed by women can reduce the risk of breast cancer, when associated with them every day.

Researchers in the UK want to explore the relationship between cancer and sleep, after being seen as a common factor in all cancer studies, and sleep schedules recorded for more than 180,000 women, according to "simplemost".

Rebecca Richmond is a researcher in the UK (UK) Complementary Cancer Research Cancer Cancer, led by a study team, the team analyzed genetic variants of women studied using the Mindlian statistical model.

Statistical analysis, using data from 180,000 female participants, showed that women who slept on average less than seven or two hours a night had a 40% risk of breast cancer.

In this study, sleep tends to be a factor in breast cancer but it is not a serious factor such as gaining weight or drinking alcohol.

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