Wednesday , August 4 2021

Kamal Amer revealed the importance of a regional center to eradicate terrorism in Egypt

Maj. Gen. Kamal Amer, Chair of the National Defense and Security Committee of the House of Representatives, revealed the importance of the regional center to fight terrorism to the Sahel countries and the Sahara in Egypt, indicating that Egypt's national security is closely related to many countries.

In a telephone call to the "Private" program, Saeed Al-Hassaeen said on Sunday that he was the center of crisis management and counter-terrorism. He was in an area of ​​around 16,900 meters, and had all the services and tools he needed.

He added that the center is a typical work of the armed forces, and not strange to them, because they raised the slogan "hands and adopted arms carrying weapons."

The head of the Defense Committee said: "This center is a special addition for these countries to manage local and African crises and fight terrorism, and we are proud that it is in Egyptian soil."

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